[Tigerpaw traps Tiny underneath him as Thistleclaw watches on and Bluefur protests]

Why has Tigerstar (Tigerclaw) always been hostile to kittypets? by Spireeye

Spireeye wonders what the first Tigerstar had against kittypets.

[Tigerpaw traps Tiny underneath him as Thistleclaw watches on and Bluefur protests]
Art by SEGAmastergirl (Twitter: @SEGAmastergirl)
[Tigerpaw traps Tiny underneath him as Thistleclaw watches on and Bluefur protests]

Hey everyone, it’s Spireeye! This is my first article, so sorry if it isn’t perfect. I have a theory of why Tigerstar could be this way. Just know this isn’t an actual real reason. But reasons he feels this way. This question has always come back to me anytime I was ever reading something with Tigerstar in it. If you already know, I guess you can read it if you want. Tigerstar actually has had a rough past with his family. I read about this one of the Warriors novellas, Legends of the Clans- Pinestar’s choice. Pinestar is the father of Tigerstar, his mother was Leopardfoot. As you know, most clan cats aren’t very fond of kittypets, or the thought of them being warriors.

In the Prophecies Begin arc, Tigestar seemed to doubt that Firepaw (Firestar) could ever become a full warrior. While the other cats seemed to encourage Firepaw and were very excited to see what would happen. (except for Tigerstar’s followers) In this article, we are going to go back to the time when Tigerstar was just a kit, and find out some hidden information!

At the time when Tigerstar was a kit, his father, Pinestar, was the leader of ThunderClan. Pinestar was an honerable warrior with deep respect from many of his clanmates. He had served them well. He gave up being clan leader on his last life, to live as a kittypet at twolegplace Why on earth would he do that?! According to other research I have done, he was saved by a kittypet named Crystal from being attacked by a fox when he was an apprentice. This lead the path to being interested in the kittypet lifestyle.

When he was on his last life, he had decided that he wanted to save it for himself, and not the care of ThunderClan. Even if it meant that he would have to say goodbye to his clanmates, his mate and son, Tigerkit. I can only imagine how much that must have hurt Tigerkit, even though he was so young. If that didn’t feel as bad at that time, it must have caught up to him as he got older.

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