[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]

Would You Prefer What Could Have Been? by Brambleheart

Brambleheart shares some of the original plans for Warriors that were changed by the time the books were published.

[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]
Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)
[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw’s eyes above them]

Hey everyone! Duuring the process of writing a Warriors book, changes happen to the plot, titles, characters, structure, and covers. While there were many, MANY changes that we probably don’t know of, there are plenty in which we do. Here is a big list of all the changes I could find. Are you glad that they changed it? Or would things be better if they stuck to their original plans?

– In early drafts of Into The Wild, Bluestar would have been named Moonstone/star, and Tigerclaw, Hammerclaw.

– SkyClan’s Clan symbol originally had raindrops on it.

– Flametail was going to be on the fading Echoes cover, and an alternate cover was even made. However, Ivypool was put on the cover, and Flametail’s head was used in the next book, Night Whispers.

– Although unconfirmed, this may imply that Flametail might have had a larger
role in Fading Echoes.

– Similarly, Thunder was going to be on the cover of The Sun Trail, but was replaced by Gray Wing. His face appeared in Thunder Rising instead.

– Sparkpelt’s name was going to be Sparkfire.

– Brambleclaw was going to be evil like his dad.

– Hollyleaf was originally planned to have a power but didn’t get one due to the creation of Dovewing and the Erins not being able to decide on one that truly suited her.

– Gray Wing was going to die in The Sun Trail, then it got pushed back to The First Battle, then it got pushed back AGAIN to Path of Stars.

– Wasptail and Stonewing were going to be the parents of Needletail, Puddleshine, Beenose, and Yarrowleaf.

– Dawn of the Clans was going to be a Super Edition.

– The New Prophecy was going to be called The Next Generation, and was going to end at Dawn.

– The working title for A Vision of Shadows was StarClan’s Promise.

– Sunrise was going to be titled Cruel Season.

– Goosefeather’s Curse was going to be called Goosefeather’s Madness.

– Squirrelflight’s Hope was going to be called Squirrelflight’s Kin.

– SkyClan was going to appear in Omen if the Stars.

That’s it for now. If you have any others, feel free to comment! Do you prefer the original plan, or what the series is now? May StarClan light your path!

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  • Interesting. Where did you find all of this information?

    (I think I’ll take things as they are—not that I have any choice. Different versions of the stories could be better or worse, it’s impossible to say.)

  • Brackentuft the friendly ghost cat 👻 🐈‍⬛ | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | Spooky season is upon us!!! 🎃💀 | I REALLY want to jump in a pile of leaves!!!!!! 🍂 | Mentor the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! That’s a very funny easter egg about Sparkfire 😂

  • ↜ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛᴡᴀʟᴋᴇʀ↝ ▫Spirit that walks among Stars▫🎵I don't wanna go home yet, let me walk to the top of the big night sky🎵▫ "A heart can travel to the horizon without moving a paw step."- Tallstar ▫ says:

    Goosefeather’s madness? Hm. I kinda like that. And I’m QUITE happy Gray wing is lived much longer! (Great article!)

    • Mothfrost the Halloween Bat-Cat (Moon)|She, They|Mentor to the wonderful Reedpaw|"Who cares what StarClan thinks?" says:

      Actually, im pretty sure one of the erins confirmed she was originally moonstone in an article on the website (definitely not gonna look for it for 30min)

      30 min later

      Nope i cant find it sorry! But im pretty sure i saw that in an article

      Edit: oh wait nvm found this on the wiki “Bluestar’s first names included Moonstar, Moonstone, and Bluestone.” So all three comments are correct

  • Valval in the Valley-o! Spooooky ValVal is ready for Halloween 🎃 👻 I'm writing a play about my class getting abducted by aliens 🛸 👽 says:

    I give this article five stars because it was interesting beyond words and keeps us captivated the whole time! It’s so cool seeing what warriors could have been, and how different the original drafts were. Bravo!
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • Wow, the one that seems the most strange is definitely Brambleclaw being like his father XD I can’t even imagine it. Epic article, very intriguing!

    (But Gray Wings last lines would have been really boring because we only get to see him for one book) But that didn’t happen and I am suuuuuuperrr glad.

  • 1- Glad they changed it, it makes more sense. To elaborate, they changed Hammer law’s name at the last second because how would cats know what a hammer is?

    2- Don’t really care but raindrops don’t make sense anyway.

    3 & 4- I hate Flametail, and I think he got enough pagetime as is, so that’s good. And Flametail on Fading Echoes would not make much sense, as he was a minor character.

    5- Thunder literally appeared in the very last pages of the book, so good.

    6- I like how the Erin’s put that in as a joke from Graystripe anyway lol! But I do think Sparkfire would make more sense, seeing as Sparkpelt felt highly enlightened to be descended from Firestar unlike Nightheart, and it would make Sparkpelt feel more connected with her kin, which was something she wanted. And the name Sparkpelt is a really cool prefix taped to a lame and boring suffix. Not that -pelt can’t be good, but in this case it wasn’t.

    7- The whole conflict with Brambleclaw’s good-unlike-his-kin arc was really good and had a good theme. So I’m glad they changed it.

    8- I think that Hollyleaf deserved a power, but I also think that the combined arcs of PoT and OotS, with Dovewing taking it, was more interesting (even if the kin of your kin thing was kind of messed up because of it). I also think Hollyleaf should have survived the Great Battle and had an interesting relationship with Dovewing in her novella.

    9- I think Gray Wing decided to die at the exact right time (so he could avoid being in Moth Flight’s Vision)

    10- That should have been how it was! So many useless characters are polluting the Clans, getting rid of all the ShadowClan apprentices at that time not in that litter would be great!

    11- Interesting… I’m glad they tripled the page time for DotC in the end!

    12-16- I’m not very interested in the titles of the books, honestly. Call it what you want, I’m gonna remember the plot and characters, not the titles.

    17- There was not enough room for that in OotS at all, glad they gave SkyClan its own arc!

  • In the past, being a Trekkie, I had looked up “Warrior Cats Star Trek TNG”. From what I read, Victoria Holmes (or Kate Cary) is a big Trek fan, and she wanted “The New Prophecy” to be “The Next Generation” as an homage to “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

  • I really with Sparkpelt was Sparkfire instead. Dawn of the Clans makes sense as a Super Edition, but since it’s so long, I guess it just had to be part of the series. The Next Generation instead of The New Prophecy is more eye-catching. I don’t know why but I thought ‘Cruel Summer’ by Taylor Swift when I saw Cruel Season. Imagine if Skyclan appeared to aid the Clans during the Great Battle against the Dark Forest. It’d make a cool fan-fiction. Anyways, great article. 😀

  • Very interesting!! I liked most of the changes, but Brambleclaw being evil like his dad is interesting, and maybe I would have preferred it that way. The end of TPB when Brambleclaw was a kit pretty much hinted that he would become evil. But on the other hand I’m glad he is a good guy as there are enough villains in the story.

    Also SkyClan appearing at the end of OotS would be really interesting! It will tie up the story even more perfectly. Although DotC would be more boring that way, but they could make it a super edition. I really feel like sometimes DotC has too much detail.

    Other than that, I’m glad they changed those things! Sunrise is a better name than Cruel Season, and Thunder appearing on Thunder Rising would make much more sense.

  • The erin’s should make a side WHAT IF? series like marvel and have that stuff in it or someone could make some WHAT IF? fanfic.

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