[a full-body design of Swiftpaw sitting towards the right]

Choosing Warrior Cats To Enter Another Fandom by Spiritflight

Spiritflight sends some characters from Warriors to other fandoms.

[a full-body design of Swiftpaw sitting towards the right]
Art by Warrior-Junkie
[a full-body design of Swiftpaw sitting towards the right]

You may be confused by the title: – Choosing Warrior Cats To Enter Another Fandom –
Let me explain real quick before we dive deep into this article ✨
I will be selecting a single character to see which fandom they’d best fit into 💕
Shall we start after that insanely easy explanation?

Squirrelflight – Not many know, but Squirrelflight isn’t exactly my favourite character. I don’t hate her, either, but she is just one of those characters that would take place in my ‘meh’ category, if that makes sense? She certainly has a fiery spirit and quite the pep in her step. I honestly think she’d be fine fit for Wings Of Fire, a fandom quite popular along with Warriors. She would do well with the SkyWings. Yes, I know, ‘most known SkyWings have stereotypically been portrayed as short-tempered, militaristic, grumpy, mean, and fond of violence’. Squirrelflight definitely is not fond of violence, but she is occasionally grumpy, rude, and short-tempered. Another reason is because she is red furred and SkyWings being red sort of stood out to me. If she’d be in any other tribe, I think HiveWings.

Mapleshade – Yes, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Mapleshade is my favourite character of all time. I knew this one right away! She’d be an ideal character to go with Five Nights At Freddys (Fnaf is amongst the fandoms I most highly enjoy and admire). It’s mostly her ambition and violent nature that got my attention. Exactly like Vanny, she’s sadistic and murderous. Because of her eerie presence and broken, malicious personality, she’d do just well with the Fnaf universe.

Jayfeather – I actually had a lot of thought about this one. It kind of came to me in an awkward way, but just hear me out…Harry Potter! I wouldn’t exactly say Jayfeather can do magic. Absolutely not. But what made me think of the connection was Jayfeathers abilities. He is known to be wise, calm, cold, and sharp. Just the personality the magical Harry Potter fandom would like to have. Now there is no specific character that I could think of for him, because he is sort of on the edge. There isn’t much more to say, as I thought there’d be..

Swiftpaw – Now there’s a character that I feel in my mind I haven’t given enough attention to! I immediately knew which fandom he’d fit into. The Hunger Games (another book series/movies that I highly enjoy)! In his world, during the fight with the dogs, it was all a fight for survival. Now I know this doesn’t exactly fit, and that the whole doggo scenario in warriors is nothing compared to the devious, corrupt hunger games. But, getting back to the topic, I think Swiftpaw and Brightheart would be from the same district, possibly 10? I’m not sure, just a random number 🙂 But I think it fits pretty well!

Once again, another short and rushed article I hadn’t put a whole lot of thought into. Not gonna lie though, I found it pretty creative 😁

– Spiritflight

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