[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]

Naming Kits and Apprentices who didn’t make it by Irisflower

Irisflower gives warrior names to characters who never received one.

[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]
Art by Leftysmudgez
[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]

Hello! Irisflower here, and today, I’ll be giving kits and apprentices who died warrior names. Lets start, shall we?

1. Swiftpaw 💨
Swiftpaw was an apprentice in ThunderClan who got killed by dogs. He was very brave and tried to protect Brightpaw, now known as Brightheart. He was very bold, protective and brave. I think his warrior name should be Swiftstorm, for the power and braveness he showed while battling the dogs.

2. Mosskit 🌳
Mosskit was a kit of Bluestar and Oakheart, littermate of Mistyfoot/star, and Stonefur. She died while Bluestar was transporting them to RiverClan, out in the freezing cold. She died by getting froze/hypothermia. I think her warrior name should be Mossheart. She had a kind-hearted heart the little we saw her in Bluestars super edition, but we know she was a sweet little kind kit, so yeah.

3. Sweetpaw 🍭
Sweetpaw was an apprentice of ThunderClan in Bluestars warrior days. She was littermate of Thistleclaw and Rosetail, mother Poppydawn and father was Windflight. She was a kind-hearted, sweet little apprentice. She was cute, I think 😛 I mean, of course she is! So, I think her warrior name should be Sweetshine. She is shines like the sun ☀️🍭

4. Snowkit ❄️🌨
Snowkit was a kit during Bluestars leadership. His litter-sister is Mistlekit, and his parents are Speckletail and Smallear. He was acting strange, and then defined as deafness. One day, a hawk flew into camp and Snowkit, not being able to hear anything, was grabbed and carried off by the hawk. I think his warrior name should be Snowfeather, because he got carried away by a hawk and because it sounds nice.

5. Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit🌷🔶🦅
Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit were kits who lived with ThunderClan for a bit, until they found out the truth that Appledusk was their father. Appledusk was a RiverClan warrior and was their father, mother is Mapleshade. They died drowning trying to get to the other side of a river. I would say Petalrain because she was drowning in water and rain (I don’t really remember😛) and it sounds nice. Larchcall because he probably can yowl loud 😛 and it sounds like a lark would call and it sounds cool. Patchcloud is a cute name for Patchkit, right? I don’t have any reason for giving him this name lol. Just because it sounds nice and cute!!

6. Seedpaw 🌱
Seedpaw was an apprentice of ThunderClan. Her littermate is Lilyheart, and parents are Sorreltail and Brackenfur. She died by drowning to save Lilyheart from drowning when they were apprentices. I think Seedheart is a cute name, and it matches her perfectly. She had a kind heart, she died to save her sister, and she is caring.

7. Hollykit 🌲 🔴
Hollykit was a kit of Ferncloud and Dustpelt. She died because of major greencough taking over most of the clan. I would name her Hollyfrost because greencough happens because of the cold of leafbare/winter in warriors. So, thats that.

Thanks for choosing this article to read!! I hope you enjoyed this article. Irisflower out!!

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