[a full-body design of Juniperclaw walking with his colour palette]

Wronged Cats by Owlkit

Owlkit takes a look at some cats they think didn’t deserve their fates.

[a full-body design of Juniperclaw walking with his colour palette]
Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)
[a full-body design of Juniperclaw walking with his colour palette]

Hello friends! Owlkit with a new article that was gonna be a series, but by itself would be about 351 words long. So, instead I will combine them, and if I think of any more after I’ve done this I will create the sequel. This is about the cats I think didn’t deserve what they got. Enjoy!


Cat 1. Juniperclaw

I just do not like where StarCan sent him. Yes, he did try to poison SkyClan cats and kill a lot of them but it’s not about what they did but rather, why they did it. Instead of thinking, ‘oh why don’t I just poison their food he he he.’ He thought he was doing the right thing, which is well; doing the right thing. And then he went into exile and saved a cat and then he died and then he went to the Place Of No Stars AKA the Dark Forest. I think this is absolutely poor thinking on StarClan’s side. As Juniperclaw realized his mistake and went on to try to apologize on his behalf. And I feel really sorry for him because it’s hard to stay good in The Dark Forest. It turns you evil even if you weren’t in the first place. Sorry Juniperclaw, StarClan is stupid sometimes.

Cat 2. Redtail

I’m not just a bit sad because of his death but because of everything before that. Just because you saved them once when they were an apprentice (which is expected so you shouldn’t get any payment or anything) doesn’t mean you owe them your entire life. Redtail tried to be good but Tigerclaw kept teaching him how to bully and tease cats until they’re almost dead. That isn’t what a warrior does. In fact, he wasn’t a warrior, but Redtail was; and that is why he became Bluestar’s deputy. And he didn’t deserve his death. Which I think is the greatest betrayal.

Cat 3. Stonefur

Stonefur had a happy life, up until the point where he learnt where his blood truly came from. And that led to his starvation, betrayal and death. But overrall I think it was mostly Leopardstar’s fault for agreeing to Tigerstar’s terms. Like, how dumb can somebody get? I don’t know the limits anymore.
But really, Stonefur obliterated Darkstripe (who was completely well fed). But his death was too brutal for an honourable warrior like him.


Cat 4. Brokenstar

I know that Brokenstar was a traitor, a murderer, and a villain. But! The things that drove him to do this weren’t his fault. They were actually Yellowfang’s, she does blame herself for Brokenstar but it truly was her fault (not wanting to be mean to her). When she gave Brokenkit to Raggedstar Yellowfang then later pretended he wasn’t his. She continued her life as the Medicine Cat, just watching Brokenkit grow up. But without love, what can you achieve? Raggedstar was too busy being the leader and Yellowfang didn’t even tell him he was his mother! Like WHAT??? So we can’t really blame him because only neglection can cause stuff like this, which it did.

Cat 5. Tallstar

His past may have been hard, but his outcome was worth it. In Tallstar’s Revenge (SPOILER ALERT) we see him getting bullied by Shrewkit. This was unfair on Tallkit as he was younger and weaker than him. Then his father died when he was also young. And then he goes on this wild goose chase just to find a cat that was accused of murder by Tallkit and didn’t do it; which is… weird. So he wasted a few months of his life….
Then Heatherstar tells him this amazing quote that I can’t remember but am definitely going to search up.

“You followed your heart once and it made you stronger. It forged a bond between you and WindClan that nothing could ever break. Always follow your heart, Talltail, as you did then.”

But the wrongfulness of this is when Brokenstar drove him out of his territory, we were reading SkyClan 2 at this point. Then thankfully Fireheart and Graystripe brought them home only to be ATTACKED YET AGAIN. In a 2 v 1. I am thoroughly disappointed.

Cat 6. Bramblestar

The son of Tigerstar I, he was very infamous amongst his clan. Because his father was a traitor. But he’s only going to become the cat you think he is if you push him hard enough. But thankfully he proved them all wrong. Then he became leader AND HIS SOUL WAS SUCKED OUT OF HIM! And he gets a lot of hate that I don’t think he
deserved as he dealt with the recovery of the clan after The Great Battle and The Great Flood (Is that what it’s called?). I don’t see what made him hateable.


Cat 7. Snowkit

Definitely didn’t deserve to die. But seriously? Make a kit deaf then kill it with a hawk? Who would want a fate as brutal as the one Snowkit was given. Definitely not necessary.

Cat 8. Mosskit

Dead within the first hours of their life. WHY ARE ALL THESE INNOCENT KITS DYING FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER???

Cat 9. Cloudkit

Very unfair on him Cloudkit was bullied by the warriors of ThunderClan because of his blood. He was very adventurous in his kithood which led him to become a well respected warrior, and eventually retiring into the elder’s den after a long and hard life. What I find really sad is that Firestar promised to fight alongside Cloudkit when he inevitably became Cloudtail. But I don’t ever see that happening, and although they fight in the same war, they never fight together. I’ve always felt sympathetic for Cloudkit, and I know a lot of people dislike him because he was such a pain for Fireheart to deal with.
But if you like Brightheart and not Cloudtail don’t forget that Cloudtail helped to make Brightheart very useful.


Cat 10. Gorsepaw

Definitely didn’t deserve what happened to him. As he was born while WindClan was miles away from home trying to make another home after being booted out of their own territory by ShadowClan. Then had to make the journey home only to be killed in another battle that happened a couple days after they got back. I think his life was very tough and therefore I give him my respect.

Cat 11. Swiftpaw

I think we can all agree I don’t have to explain this one.

Cat 12. Lostface

In the same situation as Swiftpaw, Brightpaw survives the dogs. A scratch away from death. Then, to make her suffer even more, Bluestar names her Lostface, to remember when she made that stupid decision to fight dogs. And for the rest of her life, she has a clawed eye and one missing ear. But thankfully, Cloudtail saved her life and taught her the techniques she needed to become an honoured warrior.


Cat 13. Longtail

Really didn’t deserve it, as a warrior Longtail was sadly blinded by a bunny. And had to retire to the elders’ den after Cinderpelt had tried her best to heal his eyes. Then later died a noble death beneath the branches of one of the camp trees.

Cat 14. Briarlight
Also relating to the tree accident, Briarlight’s back legs were crushed under it causing her to help Jayfeather heal wounded warriors. But she also became Millie’s favourite kit that made her other kits hate her. Then she died later….. :C

Cat 15. Cinderpelt

Now this happened a few days after she became apprenticed due to her excitement to become a warrior; her recklessness drove her out onto the Thunderpath on a wild goose chase for Tigerstar. And she also had a crippled leg after that. Did not deserve the life she was given as a young apprentice.

That will be all today friends! Thank you very much for reading this article I really appreciate it.
Bye <3

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    Great article! I love Juniperclaw <3 Shrewclaw was so mean to Tallstar for no reason 🙁

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    Great article! Justice for Juniperclaw!

  • Great article, but I disagree it was Yellowfang’s fault for what happened to Brokenstar. Raggedstar told her not to say who his real mother was because of what happened with his dad. And don’t blame Yellowfang for the awful stuff Lizardstripe and her kits did. That was THIER fault. Yes she should have told him sooner, she basically admits that in Eclipse when talking about the three and whether they should tell them who their real parents are, but she is nowhere near as responsible for the monster Brokenstar became then Lizardstripe , Raggedstar, and even Brokenstar himself were.

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      Yeah, I agree that this was more Raggedstar and Lizardstripe’s fault rather than Yellowfang.

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    I agree with all except Brokenstar, for obvious reasons. Also, juniperclaw went to DF? Noooo! He didn’t deserve it. He died nobly.