Happy Birthday, Silverdusk!

It’s Silverdusk’s Birthday!

Hello Silverdusk!

A very happy birthday to you from me and all of BlogClan! We all hope that you have an incredible time today!

I won’t be too tardy with this part of the post because I have quite a few gifts to put in later, but here are a few questions. What are you getting up to for your birthday today? How’re you planning to celebrate in general? Will you eat a birthday cake, or something else delicious? If so what flavour is it/what is it like?

If you’d like then you’re more than welcome to tell us all about your day in the comments below. But if not then don’t worry at all! 🙂

a teal sponge cake with ice creams on the side, and icing popcorn and a popcorn bucket on top. image credit to Art & Home

I picked you out what is hopefully quite a fun birthday cake! I love how this one has so many ice creams on the side and popcorn also on the top! There’s so many sweet treats that hopefully there will be loads to share with all your BlogClan friends! 😀

Now let’s get on to the gifts! I hope I’ve got them all because there’s so many, and therefore I’m really sorry if I missed yours. 😛

Firstly, here’s a gift for you from Emberpaw/shine:

“Hi Silv! I hope you have an incredible birthday, and continute to have many more!
P.S. Hope you like the drawing I made! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜”

This one is from Shadeleap:


Here is a gift from someone who didn’t leave their name (if it’s you tell me and I’ll edit your name in):

“Happy Bday Silv! You’re more precious than the metal you’re named after, and don’t let anyone change that! I love how you’re just always so positive! This drawing is for you, I hope you like it!”

And here is a gift from Darkkit/iris:

“Happy birthday, Silv! You always light up the Blog with your positivity and kindness, I’m so happy that you’re my friend <3333”

This present is from Irisflower:

“Happy Birthday Silvie!! Your an amazing Blogclanner! I hope you have the most amazing day/Birthday Week ever!!! What cake are you having? What are you planning to do?
EMOJI(s) 🍰🧁🎂🍥🥮❤🧡💛💚💙💜💝💖💗🎁🪅🎊🎶🎉🍭🥳

HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (Also, here’s a cake haha)

~Irisflower and the rest of BlogClan”

Rapidkit has sent you this message:

“”HI SILVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT birthday! I love reading all your comments and you’re literally teleporting everywhere around the Blog 😛 . Once again, have a fantastic birthday! 🥳🥳🥳”

And Rosepaw/fern has sent this in for you:

“Heyyy bestieeeee!!!! Happy birthdaaayyyyy!!!!!! You’re so awesome and sweet and kind and funny and an absolute blast to talk to oh my goodness I just can’t say enough! Silv you are
Very cool 😀
Da best 😉
Unbelievably amazing!
I got you something:
And enjoy a cupcake! (Below; I tried to write Silvi on the top but if it didnt work Im really sorry!) I hope you have an awesome birthday!”

The message below has been sent in for you from Silverkit/skies:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVZIES!!! You’re such a cheerful and energetic presence on the Blog and it’s always really fun to read your comments! Wish you a Happy Birthday, Silv!”

And here is a message from Smokepaw:

“Thanks so much for being so kind and welcoming when I first came to BlogClan! Happy birthday!”

Tansybranch has sent you this gift:

“My favorite thing you have ever said! Have a amazing day bestie 💗

Silverdusk talks so often, people think they cannot trust her with their secrets, but in reality, that’s a lie. ( yeah ok so I shouted people’s secrets out in the middle of the playground in front of everyone while laughing hysterically, who out of you has not done that exact thing.)”

Last but certainly not least is this gift from Viperpaw:

“SILVVVVVV!!!! We love you so much!!! You were one of the first BlogClanners I met and one of the most kind and amazing! You have always been there for all of us! I hope you enjoy the cake I picked for you, (and yes, it is an edible CAKE) and have an AMAZING BIRTHDAY SILV!!!!”

My gosh that was a lot of gifts! 😛 Anyhow, we all wish you a brilliant birthday and a great day in general today, Silverdusk. We’re so happy you’re on the Blog with us and that we can celebrate your special day with you!

Have fun!

From Aquila and everyone on the Blog 💙

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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