[full-body designs of Lightleap, Shadowsight, and Pouncestep lined up side-by-side]

Tiger x Dove kitten rant by Moonwhisp

Moonwhisp shares their opinion on Tigerstar and Dovewing’s kits.

[full-body designs of Lightleap, Shadowsight, and Pouncestep lined up side-by-side]
Art by magic-pistachio
[full-body designs of Lightleap, Shadowsight, and Pouncestep lined up side-by-side]

Ello! This is my first article on this account and I am SO excited! So today I’m going on a small rant about some of my favorite cats the tiger children! (I’ll only be talking about his first litter since his second one has done nothing yet being kits) I find every one of them just incredibly interesting! Now this is my opinion so if you disagree that’s fine and I love hearing everyone’s views in the comments. But without further adieu let’s jump into it!

Now Shadowsight hasn’t always been a cat I enjoy so much but I started writing fanfiction about him and re-reading TBC and I feel I just connected with the character. He has had what I believe to be one of the most traumatic lives of any of these cats. His entire story with not being able to differentiate StarClan from Ashfuy to his feelings after Bristlefrost’s death was so good to me! But I’ll start from the beginning when he was a kit. Shadowsight was always an odd character. Now I haven’t finished Tigerheart Shadow yet so I’m going purely off AVOS. I thought his intense need to jump into the flood to save everyone hilarious and Moonkitti’s depiction of him is gold. Also, the inclusion of seizures to his vision was pretty creative to me but I wish they carried over to TBC, maybe that was a way of showing that he only gets the seizures from StarClan and not when Ashfur was sending him visions in which case makes sense. I’m trying to cut it short but this cat just has so much to talk about. His story kinda gets cut off at the end of TBC which is what inspired me to create the fanfiction I’m writing. His sudden lack of connection with StarClan I feel must have affected him in some way and I’m pretty sure apart from the weird seizure visions he has never talked to StarClan. It was always Ashfur and now he just doesn’t have the option Also the fact that he spent so much time with Ashfur that he is so tainted that even StarClan supposedly the strongest force can’t speak to him is crazy to me. Also, I like to think he still is slightly afraid of Bramblestar since Ashfur used that body for so long. Now I could talk for hours about this cat but we got some other’s to talk about.

Now onto the most forgotten of the kits Pouncestep! And honestly, I’m not super sure why she’s one of my favourites maybe it’s due to the fact she’s so ignored even in stories so closely related to her like TBC and Tigerhearts Shadow. I just really like her playful attitude and bouncy personality. I would like to write more about her but I just don’t have that much to work with (and note cause I viewed her wiki page the scene where all of them are play fighting as adults and Pouncestep pretends to be a badger whilst Shadowsight and Lightleap take her down is absolutely adorable!) But that’s about it I think she’s cool and looks awesome.

Lightleap is my least favourite of the 3 but still a great cat, I think it’s cute how much she values her relationship with Sunbeam. We haven’t had two female friends in a long time and she strays from the typical supporting sweet character friend with her more sarcastic and mean girl-ish personality. When she wants to go into the Dark forest but becomes too scared makes sense I mean most of the cats wanted to be way too good about it I guess and I found her backing down incredibly realistic. She is just an interesting character I don’t know.

Well, that’s all for today I really enjoyed making this but I will see you later! If you have any other cats you want my (Very qualified and professional ) opinion on please tell me.

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