[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]

Why Ivypool should have been in the Three instead of Dovewing by Smokepaw

Smokepaw argues why Ivypool should’ve been the third prophesized cat.

[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]

Hi I’m Smokepaw and this is my first or second article (because I’m not sure if the first reached the word count). In this article I should explain why Ivypool should be part of the Three instead of Dovewing.

As all of u probably know, Dovewing is a quite hated character, some people think she’s spoiled and whiny. For me Dovewing is a okay character, I love her and hate her at the same time. But the reasons why Ivypool should have been part of the three instead of Dovewing are the following:

Ivypool is a highly likable character, many people might not agree with this but I think the main characters should be liked instead of hated. And the Three will forever have an impact on the Clans so wouldn’t it be better if the character was likeable?

Also Ivypool risked her life everyday spying in the Dark Forest while Dovewing just sits there and whine bout her life.

Also Ivypool’s personality is just better fit as a cat that is part of a prophecy. She is intelligent and loyal and has displayed great determination in the books. In comparison to Dovewing; Ivypool is more mature, level-headed and logical, but much more impulsive and violent. She’s also rather independent, preferring to work alone and focus on her own duties quietly. Despite the attention she seeks, Ivypool isn’t selfish and doesn’t want to burden other cats with her troubles. For me, I think that is a cat that deserves to be part of a prophecy.

On top of all of that, Ivypool would have more success as a spy in the Dark Forest if she had Dovewing’s power of being able to listen and see things further than a normal cat. This power would help her greatly for listening to conversations among leaders in the Dark Forest every single night instead of Dovewing just listening once and being scared out of her fur.

These are all the reasons why I think Ivypool should have been part of the Three instead of Docewing, thank u for reading and please tell me your opinion in the comment section. Smokepaw out.

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