[a stylized full-body design of Crookedstar]

Finally trying the warrior cats favourite picker by Nettlepaw

Nettlepaw shares their opinion on their favourite characters as determined by the Warrior Cats favourite picker.

[a stylized full-body design of Crookedstar]
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[a stylized full-body design of Crookedstar]

Greetings Blogclan! Nettlepaw here.
I finally tried the warrior cats favourite picker, and I was surprised at the results! In this article I will go over my found favourites, and explain why I like them, so, lets get into it!

I love Goldenflower so much, she’s been through so much and still manages to be an awesome character. She was a very interesting character to read about- especially when Tigerstar was involved. Overall, an awesome character.

I have to say, I was very surprised to see Foxheart on this list. She is kind of annoying in Yellowfang’s secret, and Yellowfang is clearly very jealous of her. HOWEVER, I simply can’t resist a character with a bad attitude, and I liked the role she plays in YS, as it made the story a lot more interesting.

Loved her in the first arc, love her now. No more explanation needed.

I LOVE Sandstorm. She’s so calm and collected, and is a very skilled warrior too. I loved her relationship with Firestar (much more than his relationship with Spottedleaf) As I thought they worked so well together. I loved reading her growing to accept Firestar, and improving as a person.

I just really like Ferncloud. I love reading about queens and how they interact with kits. As a cat she was gentle and kind, but she spoke her mind. It helps that I love Brindleface too!

Crookedstar’s promise is my favourite Super Edition, and she really stood out to me in the book. I loved her personality, and how passionate she was. She was a really good mentor, and was so keen to get back to being a warrior after her kits were born. I love reading about characters like this.

I have no explanation for this one. She isn’t in that many scenes, and is very much more of a background character, but I got really attached to her while reading the second arc, and have loved her ever since.

You might have seen this one coming as Crookedstar’s promise is my favourite super edition, but that book DESTROYED me. He had been through so much, all of his loved ones dying, dealing with Mapleshade, yet he never became a villain. I loved his scenes with Mapleshade, despite being awful for him, and especially loved his relationship with Willowbreeze, plus his friendship with his father, Shellheart, his brother, Oakheart, and Brambleberry, the medicine cat. His personality seems a little bit different in the first arc- but I have no problem with reading about morally grey characters, so I’m willing to look past that.
Thank you for reading this blog! (I hope it gets published!)
Who did you get on your warrior cats favourite picker? What do you think of the cats listed above?

Ciao for now!

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