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The Sides of Squirrelflight by Owlkit

Owlkit takes an in-depth look at Squirrelflight.

[a lineless design of Squirrelflight]
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[a lineless design of Squirrelflight]

Hello again BlogClanners. I, Owlkit, have another article to share with you. This time it is about Squirrelflight.

As you may already know. Squirrelflight is the current deputy of ThunderClan, but (ASC SPOILERS) know she is on her way to becoming the leader of her clan. I personally don’t like the Squirrelflight character as when she was born her prefix became ‘Squirrel’, to be lively and playful. And that really showed when she went on the journey to the Sun Drown Place. But later in the series she becomes a serious, sensible, strict cat. Which for me, ruined her character.

But there was a statement in one of the books (I think the Ultimate Guide) that mentioned her possible mates/ Brambleclaw and Ashfur.
About Squirrelflight not needing someone to tame her fire, but instead, to match it. And that was Brambleclaw. But now… where did that fire go? Where did the ‘squirrel’ in ‘Squirrelflight’ go?

Now, let’s get started with the actual article….

Side 1. Springy Squirrel

Yes, I’m serious, that’s what I’m calling it. Anyway..
As told in the books Squirrelflight’s prefix was ‘Squirrel’ for a reason; to show her liveliness. I recall Dustpelt speaking about her and saying “She needs to learn discipline”. And all along TNP she show’s the Springy Squirrel side of her. She’s adventurous, she’s keen, she’s everything she needs to live up to her name. And as I said before, in TUG, BrambleXSquirrel & AshXSquirrel was talked about.
But Rock also talked about her. Here’s the quote:

“If Leafpool is like water, calm, deep running, reflecting the stars, then Squirrelflight is fire. She has energy to scorch every tree in the forest, and a tongue that could leave scars in beech bark.”
— Rock, Cats of the Clans

But that’s not the case anymore. This is the part of Squirrelflight that I enjoyed reading about.

Side 2. Stern Squirrel

All that stuff was not true, once she became a warrior, she became the disciplined cat Dustpelt wanted her to be. And now she’s ordering the young cats around.
Why I find this so frustrating is because she was made to be a fiery character and was morphed into a calm one. That was what split Leafpool and Squirrelflight into completely different characters (as seen in the quote above).
And now she’s on her way to become the leader of ThunderClan….

But let’s take a closer look. Let’s remember the past..

Side 3. Scored Squirrel

Multiple things happened in order for Squirrelflight to become this way.
PoT, she ruins Ashfur’s hope of becoming her mate so he threatens to kill her ‘kits’.
In OoTS The Last Hope Squirrelflight loses her father Firestar in The Great Battle. Shortly after Sandstorm dies in AVoS and her parents are gone in StarClan. Later in the series SkyClan joins and she as well as her clan must agree to the new boundaries.
Then in TBC Ashfur takes over Bramblestar’s body and destroys ThunderClan (And all the other clans) from the inside. Then Squirrelflight must take a dream journey to The Place of No Stars and retrieve Bramblestar. Then she talks with Ashfur for the final time… and then Nightheart keeps annoying her in ASC.

So all this twisting and turning has changed her life forever.

Side 4. Smooch Squirrel

Yes, that was the only alliteration I could come up with.

But in this phase of her life Squirrelflight had to decide whether Ashfur or Brambleclaw(star) was the better option. And she chose Brambleclaw. But this was not left like this, Ashfur vowed his revenge and was sent to StarClan by Hollyleaf.
And so he waited until Bramblestar (so far in the future) lost his next life. He then travelled through StarClan’s Core? And stole Bramblestar’s life. Which from then divided the clans into war. Atoning (/exile) was created by “Bramblestar” in order for warriors to be forgiven for the crimes they committed. Eventually it all fell apart and Squirrelflight confronted Ashfur and tried to comfort him. This really has been a journey for Squirrelflight.

I guess that finishes the article! I’ve done my part discussing the situation and I’ve said my opinion. Thank you so much for reading and Owlkit out <3

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