[image description: a starry silhouette of a cat walks across a reflective surface]

Top 5 most given lives to leaders by Moonpaw

Moonpaw lists the most common lives given to new leaders.

[image description: a starry silhouette of a cat walks across a reflective surface]
Art by Espenfluss
[image description: a starry silhouette of a cat walks across a reflective surface]

Hi! It’s Moonpaw here, releasing my first article on what the most common gift is that comes with a leader’s life. I am super excited to be sharing this, let me know if I should make more articles.

I have only included lives out of Firestar, Leopardstar, Bluestar, and Bramblestar, making a pool of 36 lives. Comment below if you want a part 2, and comment your favorite leader! I promise I will try to include them if you all decide on part 2 of this article.

Number 5: Trust. This life was given to Bluestar by Mosskit. It is a common gift, because many leaders distrust Clanmates as deputies and as warriors, so it’s most likely common because it is important to most Clan cats, to be able to trust their Clanmates, and to have trust in StarClan.

Number 4: Compassion. This gift was given to Firestar and Bluestar by Yellowfang and Pinestar. Showing compassion to a cat can be the most effective way to cheer them up, like how Yellowfang and Pinestar did when they were alive, and it is also another important gift.

Number 3: Forgiveness is the 3rd life today. Gifted to Bramblestar by Cinderpelt and Leopardstar by Silverstream. One must have forgiveness to be able to give second chances. Cinderpelt knew this as she gifted her life to Bramblestar. Silverstream knew there must be forgiveness, like how StarClan forgave her for having kits cross-Clan.

Number 2: Love. Love was included in 3 lives, 1 to Bluestar, given by Moonflower, 1 to Firestar by Spottedleaf, and then 1 gifted to Bramblestar from Goldenflower. This is a really common one, normally given by the leader’s mother, or another close queen.

And finally, number 1: Courage and Bravery. This life was granted to all the leaders here today. The brave warrior Lionheart gave this to Firestar, Sunstar to Bluestar, noble RiverClan leader Hailstar to Leopardstar, and finally Firestar gave courage to Bramblestar. Most leaders are granted this life.

And with that, there are your leaders and their lives! Remember, comment on your favorite leader and if you want a part 2! Moonpaw, out! <3

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