[a see-through cat runs through a rainy forest at night]

My thoughts on A Starless Clan and afterlives by Lilypaw

Lilypaw shares some theories about A Starless Clan.

[a see-through cat runs through a rainy forest at night]
Art by lokidrawz
[a see-through cat runs through a rainy forest at night]

Hi guys! I’m Lilypaw/brook and this is my first article on BlogClan! I want to share a few of my theories about certain things that interest me in the series: how Mistystar’s and Reedwhisker’s deaths are connected, Curlfeather and what happens to cats after their spirit deaths. Enough of the introduction. Let’s get into it!
1) Mistystar’s and Reedwhisker’s deaths: Aah, I could talk for hours about this because it’s so interesting. I have quite a weird opinion about this, so here goes: I think that Mistystar was poisoned. By whom, I don’t know but the fact that she had just had a big argument with her clan AND that her and Reedwhisker’s deaths were so close together is HIGHLY suspicious and suggests that maybe they were both killed so some other cat could take leadership of RiverClan. Moving onto Reedwhisker, I think that Splashtail probably killed him because he wants to take over his clan. He was on Reedwhisker’s last hunting patrol, so had oppurtunity to get him isolated, and is very keen for Frostpaw to resume training as a medicine cat and choose a new leader. Interesting, eh?
2) Curlfeather: I think Curlfeather also plays a part in the Mistystar-to-Reedwhisker plot. I think she was Splashtail’s accomplice in Reedwhisker’s death but not Mistystar’s because she was out of camp when it happened. I believe she distracted Fognose and Podlight so Splashtail could isolate Reedwhisker and kill him. So why do I think she died? I don’t think she just happened to stumble upon a pack of dogs out of bad luck. No, I think she got cold feet and was going to confess everything about the two deaths. But Splashtail wouldn’t want that. He would lose everything: his friends, his chance at leadership, maybe even his clan. Now, put yourself into Splashtail’s situation. One of your accomplices has killed your clan leader and you have killed you clan deputy. You start to suspect that your other accomplice is about to crack and tell the clan everything, so what do you do? Do you frame them for something and get them exiled? Do you threaten them into submission? I think the smart thing to do would be to get them killed. Think about it.
3) Afterlives: Something that has always interested me is what happens to a cat when their spirit dies. For example let’s take a look at Spottedleaf. SPOILER ALERT:

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