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Using Google Translate (Twice!) To Make Some Funny Warrior Names by Reedpaw

Reedpaw puts some warrior names through different languages before translating them back to English.

[a fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop]
[a fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop]

Hi everyone! It’s *drumroll* REEDPAW, and in this article I’ll be translating some warrior names into Latin and then (here’s the catch) BACK again! In this way, we’ll be sure to get some funny translations. Okay, I’m dying of anticipation, let’s get started.

Translation (Latin): ignis cor
Translation (English): heart of fire
Explanation: No one ever said Google Translate was the most accurate. I mean, close enough, right?
Alrighty then, I guess Fireheart has a… flaming heart? Ouch. Anyways, moving on.
Note: I’ll be using all warrior names and no leader names for more variety.

Translation (Latin): griseo clavo
Translation (English): gray nail
Explanation: Okay, this is weird. So basically, on its own, “nail” in English is “clavus” in Latin. “Stripe” is “clavum.” So, all in all, very similar. However, if you switch the languages to Latin → English, and enter “clavum”, the English translation is now “nail.” I guess from this we can gather that “clavum” and “clavus” both mean nail, although “clavum” also means “stripe”, so something got lost in translation.
No further explanation needed. That makes SO MUCH SENSE, am I right?

Translation (Latin): clara cor
Translation (English): clear heart
Explanation: This is a bit like the Graystripe/Gray nail scenario. From Latin → English, “clara” means clear. But from English → Latin, “clear” is “patet” and “bright” is “clara.” Hmm… close enough. Next!

Translation (Latin): album cornu
Translation (English): white horn
Explanation: It turns out that in Latin, the English word for “wing” and the word for “horn” are both “cornu.” Thus, white horn.

Translation (Latin): alta cauda
Translation (English): high tail
Explanation: I think you figured it out already, haven’t you? It’s very simple and doesn’t require a lot of digging. “Tall” and “high” are very similar, so they simply got mixed up. That doesn’t make it any less funny, though.

Translation (Latin): cortex faciem tuam
Translation (English): peel your face
Explanation: YIKES. Ummm, oh. I see. Basically, the words “bark” and “peel” have a shared word in Latin: “cortex.” And I guess Google Translate wanted us to freak out, so it slipped the word “your” in along with cortex faciem. Bad Google Translate! You know perfectly well that just “cortex faciem” would translate perfectly well to “barkface.”

Reedpaw (I just couldn’t resist!)
Translation (Latin): calamo manu
Translation (English): pen in hand
Explanation: Whaaat? Ohhh. You see, “reed” and “pen” have many shared words in Latin: “calamo”, “calamus”, “calamum”. That explains the “pen” part. As for the “manu”, “by hand” and “paw” share that word. But (interesting part) If we were to be entirely accurate, “reed” in Latin is “arundo.” Translate “arundo” back to English, it turns into “with a reed.” “Arundo” also (surprise surprise) shares a meaning with “calamus”, which you might remember means “pen.” Translate “paw” to Latin and you get “manu”, but translate “manu” back to English and you get “by hand.” So the very rough meaning is “with reed by hand”, which could easily turn into “pen in hand”, which is why… well, you get the idea.
Okay, let’s start wrapping up. Here are all the Warriors renamed in Latin:
Fireheart → Heart of Fire, Graystripe → Graynail, Brightheart → Clearheart, Whitewing → Whitehorn, Talltail → Hightail, Barkface → *winces* Peel Your Face, Reedpaw → Pen In Hand.
Which was your favorite Google Translate result and why? And should I make a Part Two?
Reedpaw/Pen In Hand out!

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