[Jake lounges on the ground with one eye cracked open]

Jake by Owlkit

Owlkit takes a look at Jake the kittypet.

[Jake lounges on the ground with one eye cracked open]
Art by Redfall on Warriors Amino
[Jake lounges on the ground with one eye cracked open]

Hello clanmates. I am Owlkit with an article about Jake. I really love this character so I’ve shared what I think 😀


Jake is the father to so many strong and well-known cats. He is Scourge’s father, the one who led BloodClan into the forest with dog teeth around their neck and claws; against Firestar, the one who ventured from his twoleg nest and became a respected leader of ThunderClan. Jake is also the grandfather of Cloudtail (Squirrelflight and Leafpool) who was mentored by his uncle Fireheart(star). And Firestar’s blood has been carried into ThunderClan forever.


Jake was friends with Talltail. And Talltail was following these cats that travelled miles away from twolegplace. He never ceased helping him in his desire to find these cats. He promised he would go all the way, and all the way he did. He was just a random cat, why should he help with something that was none of his business? But he did it anyway.
And then he guided Tallstar to StarClan. He may not have been a StarClan cat himself but he was Tallstar’s best friend.


No, this isn’t a chart of bad people 😀
Jake is seen with Tallstar, Pinestar etc as I’ve said before. But never as a mean cat, always as a positive one, looking to help others. Which makes Jake an honourable cat.


What clan would Jake fit in? He would probably be in WindClan seeing as that’s Tallstar’s clan. But would Jake look like a WindClan member? No, Jake would need long legs in order to fit. ShadowClan is known for not being very friendly. So that would not fit at all. RiverClan are aquatic. But that is where they get the most amount of food as described by the author RiverClan are well-fed and plump. Which is what kittypets are. But then there is ThunderClan, who takes in rogues and kittypets but lives in a dense forest. But as Firestar is a ThunderClan, it’s safe to say he gained his personality from his father Jake, who would live well in ThunderClan.

Now I can finally give him a warrior’s name….


He’s so friendly, he’s so brave….. His courage is as strong as anything… but also showing his softness towards others, to always believe…. I would name him…


I really think he is one of the greatest characters in Warriors. That’s why I wrote an article about him. To tell you how amazing just one kittypet can be. Thank you so much for reading, and hopefully see what I see and to always be optimistic as Jake is…
Bye <3

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