[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]

Rating Ships by Copperpaw

Copperpaw rates ships from the series.

[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]
Art by M.Jay’s Warrior Art (tumblr)
[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]

Hello! It’s Copperpaw, and today I’ll be rating Warrior Cats ships out of 10. Below 5 would be considered a “sink” and above a “ship”. There are two categories of ships: canon and non-canon. A canon ship is included/confirmed in the series, while a non-canon ship is a theoretical ship, especially one that is popular among Warriors readers. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think of my article in the comments, it’s my first one.

Canon Ships

Squirrelflight + Bramblestar
I’m conflicted on this one. On one paw, the rivals-to-lovers dynamic was a really fun read, and they’ve been through the trauma and danger of the Dark Forest together, which I feel solidified their bond and restored their cuteness. But at the same time… Bramblestar’s behavior in Squirrelflight’s Hope, and the lack of trust between them in Power of Three that caused Squirrelflight to hide the parentage of “their” kits makes me think that this relationship is on-and-off. All in all, I give it a 4/10. Why? Squirrelflight could have been cute with some other character (no, not Ashfur) or, better yet, not had a mate at all. I don’t think her relationship with Bramblestar was fundamental to her development as a character, and it was even a hinderance sometimes. All in all, the good aspects of this relationship are not worth the borderline verbal abuse from an author’s viewpoint, in my opinion.
Jayfeather + Half Moon
Erins, I love your writing, but I give this ship a 0/10. I like Half Moon and I love Jayfeather… individually. Incorporating time travel is cool and all, but if you don’t have the space to cram in a five-minute romance between an Ancient and a grump, you don’t have the space. It felt forced. And if Jayfeather really must have a forbidden romance, couldn’t it have been Willowshine? Anyway, I don’t think there was a need for that, or space in the plot. The time travel itself felt as if it was there to fill up space and make the Last Hope more entertaining. It succeeded on both fronts, but it did feel like filler, and I think it would have been more endearing without the JayxMoon ship. Honestly, I prefer JayxStick.
Crowfeather + Nightcloud
Erins, again, you’re the best. But this ship gets a -70/10 from me. First off: Crowfeather manipulated and used a she-cat wanting kits to repair his reputation. Not cool, Crowfeather. And, due to this, he caused misery for Nightcloud and Breezepelt. Leafpool and Crowfeather would have been cute had they returned and figured things out together. But no, instead Crowfeather fools Nightcloud into thinking that he loves her and bada-boom-bang, Crowfeather has not one, but four kits. Pick a mate, Crowfeather. Pick. One.
Brackenfur + Sorreltail
These two are some of my favorite characters, so obviously this ship gets a 100/10 from me. I want Brackenfur to die at this point (sorry, buddy) just so that he can get back to Sorreltail and they can appear in StarClan together. They were just so cute together. I admit that I might be biased from that Brackenfur King MAP, but mostly… the early stages of the relationship when Sorreltail had a crush, Sorreltail’s pregnancy and how excited Brackenfur was to be a father, the way they raised their kits, their strength as parents, warriors, and mates most of all… *chef’s kiss*
Dustpelt + Ferncloud
I admit the age gap is weird. And her being his apprentice… weird. But not nearly as bad as Onestar and Whitetail, because that was- anyways, moving on. The age gap is a hinderance, but I think they are overall an amazing ship. They loved each other so deeply, Dustpelt was glad to die to rejoin her. And (this goes for Brackenfur and Sorreltail as well) the way he wanted to stay with her body afterwards… it’s dark, and yet it’s so sweet. This ship gets a 7/10 from me, and would get higher if I wasn’t weirded out by the age gap.

Non-Canon Ships
Ivypool + Hawkfrost
Again, the age gap is weird. But ignoring the age gap, I love this ship. Ivypool is the bad girl with good intentions, and Hawkfrost is the handsome villain. It’s a classic ship. If not for the age gap, this ship would get a 9.5/10 from me (they have real chemistry!) but due to the age gap, it gets an 8/10 instead. I also genuinely feel they look so good together in fanart.
Jayfeather + Willowshine
This reminds me of the OG enemies to lovers trope, Firestar and Sandstorm. I didn’t include that ship on this list, but it is one of my personal favorites. So that might be why I give this a 10/10. Unlike some forbidden love, it isn’t repetitive, nor is it pointless filler. They were rivals, but they would be so cute together in my opinion. 10/10.
Longtail + Mousefur
10/10. Hardly- if any- age gapping, and as elders, they were so sweet together. Longtail died trying to get Mousefur’s prey, and at Mousefur’s end, they fought together. They belong in StarClan together. I still wonder why they never became official in the series… but I wish they had.
Leopardstar + Russetfur
I know that people ship Russetfur more with Blackstar and/or Sasha, but for some reason I find the LeopardxRusset ship more endearing than either of those. Maybe it’s the pull of an ex-leader and a deputy, or maybe it’s just their few interactions have been positive, or that they were deputies together. I don’t know. It could be that I just love them both. Either way, 9/10.
Hollyleaf + Cinderheart
1/10, I’d say. I don’t like Cinderheart with Lionblaze either, but I also do not like her with Hollyleaf. It feels like forcing something else from a friendship. And that’s all they are- friends. Also, I don’t really like Hollyleaf with any cat, I imagine her as aro/ace rather than with Cinderheart or Fallen Leaves.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Tell me what you think of the ships below, and may StarClan light your path!
– Copperpaw

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