[a full-body design of Turtle Tail walking happily]

My Opinion on Characters by Smokepaw

Smokepaw shares their thoughts on some characters from the series.

[a full-body design of Turtle Tail walking happily]
Art by frankiebcatt
[a full-body design of Turtle Tail walking happily]

So hi! I’m Smokepaw and this is my second article. In this article I will be talking about my opinion on some of the Warrior Cats characters.

1.Turtle Tail
She is a great character! She is kind and understanding and I really wished that she lived longer. For me, the only mistake she made was mating and having kits with Tom.

For me, Onestar is a really controversial character. At the start or the series, he was great! But then when he became leader, he just threw away his friendship with Firestar! Like, even if you have a really important role, you should still have friends right? But nooo, Onestar was just like “I’m leader now, I don’t need your friendship”. Like, seriously dude? Have a heart, for goodness sake!

She is like a meh character. When Hollyleaf was a medicine cat apprentice, she was really nice and kind. But when Jayfeather became medicine cat apprentice, she was so spiteful and mean and snobby to him. He was just a poor blind -paw! Have some sympathy!

Yes! Finally a good character! She had to make a lot of decisions (moving from ThunderClan to SkyClan, then back to ThunderClan), also she lost her mum when she was just a kit! I don’t know how I feel about her relationship with Finleap. At the start they were pretty great but then on the last book of aVoS, Finleap became a bit pushy.

She’s like a background character, so we don’t see much of her. But in the short time we do see her, I feel like she is totally different from the cat she is named after. Hollyleaf made mistakes but she made up for them and was a great cat. But Hollytuft on the other hand, was very vocal against the Sisters, joined in on calling Squirrelflight a traitor in The Silent Thaw, and called Flywhisker and Snaptooth traitors for becoming kittypets. At first when I first read her name, I was like “Omg that name is soooo pretty, she must be great!” But now, after reading full on about her character, I feel like she is annoying, unsympathetical and just overall mean! Some people might just say she is being loyal to her leader, but I think otherwise.

That’s all from me! Please post in the comments who your favourite character from these five is! Mine is Twigbranch! Smokepaw out!

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