[a side profile of Yellowfang carefully examining an herb with a purple flower in her paws]

Warriors names I don’t like by Rosefern

Rosefern lists character names that they don’t like and why.

[image description: a black cat with orange eyes holds a purple flower and faces the right]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[image description: a black cat with orange eyes holds a purple flower and faces the right]

Hi guys! In today’s article I’m gonna be sharing warrior names that i don’t like! Here goes!
It’s far too basic like, bro, twigs and branches are litterally the same thing!
Ewwrrrg ugh guh no Clawface is a terrible name! Like a face full of claws? Or clawing someone’s face out? Either way it just gives off a bad vibe, like the cruel cold-blooded murderer he is.
Well, that’s just wrong, bro! Also I don’t like the suffix storm most of the time anyway, so maybe that’s it, but well, Eaglestorm??? A storm of eagles? For one, how’d the clans even know what eagles were until they met the tribe? errr well they sorta came from the tribe so well yea maybe that but also, a storm of eagles? Really? Not here, not now
That name just gives off the vibe of someone who is really too serious and/or has no personality.
I’m sorry, but that’s just waaayyy too basic! Couldn’t they at least have made it a type of bird? Like, not just a generic bird flying in a generic sky. Guess that just goes to say how SkyClan is bad at naming cats, which leads me too
I’m not going to get into this, because it’s obvious, Leafstar taking kittypets and giving them warrior names without changeing their prefixes. So I’m just gonna say this: Billystorm? What??? Whyyyyyy??????!!!!
I don’t think bees have tails that’s just wrong
I might be biased because I hate Sleekwhisker but the name sleekwhisker does sort of give off that snobbish kinda vibe
I don’t like when warrior prefixes and suffixes alliterate it sounds wrong.
I just don’t like the suffix “face” it sounds like just a mean name
Too slimy
Far too basic!
Again, really basic, also it’s weird when the suffix is plural you know what I mean?
It sorta just sounds dirty to me
Eww guys it sounds like her teeth are rotten! They probably are ^^

Isn’t foxheart like an insult? Well she is one, so yea, but I still don’t like it. Just like if a cat is gonna be named Mousebrain which I’m guessing will actualy happen 😛
Sounds like a foul smelling wind!
It sounds a little like fronds of whisker, as if somebody’s whiskers are frayed
What? Does he only have one whisker?
That’s it for me! See you next time!

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