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Lynxpaw interviews BlogClanners on SkyClan.

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Hello BlogClan! This is Lynxpaw/claw here again with another article. Today I’ll continue my series of interview articles, and this time, I’ll be interviewing BlogClanners on their opinion on SkyClan. Let’s start!

The four BlogClanners are (drumroll)…
And myself!

We will answer these questions:

Opinion on SkyClan?
Favourite cat in SkyClan?
Opinion on Leafstar?
Who should be the next SkyClan leader?
Should SkyClan have joined the other Clans by the lake?

Okay! Let’s do this!

Opinion on SkyClan?
Stripepaw: It’s cool, but they’re pretty unnecessary lol.
Hazelpaw: One of my favourite clans! I really like their abilities and specialty in climbing trees, I feel like I would fit in there.
Rosepaw: Plot device / in AVOS they were just a plot device but then started to just be y’know a normal Clan y’know, I never did imagine them as a part of the other four clans though, and I do feel like they should’ve only been 4 Clans
Shroompaw: Pretty cool! If i had to pick a clan to join, it would be SkyClan! Tbh idk how to make it short form because SC has been taken by ShadowClan! The old clans were wrong to kick them out.
Lynxpaw (me): SkyClan is pretty boring to me. I think five Clans were enough. They have cool abilities, though, they can climb trees. But no, I don’t like them that much.

Favourite cat in SkyClan?
Stripepaw: Leafstar, she’s a really good leader and is overall a really good cat!
I love her!
Hazelpaw: This is hard! I really like Rootspring and Tree, and I also like Cherrytail.
Rosepaw: Violetshine ofc.
Shroompaw: Hmmmm Echomist! She was the original medicine cat but she’s dead now so idk if that counts as SkyClan. Author’s note: Do you mean Echosong?
Lynxpaw (me): Leafstar! She is my second favourite leader (after Leopardstar), and such an amazing character! Violetshine is also great.

Opinion on Leafstar?
Stripepaw: I love her!
Hazelpaw: I think she’s a solid leader! Not my fav, but still good.
Rosepaw: She’s cool.
Shroompaw: My opinion on her is pretty chill, a good cat, chosen by StarClan, she was kind to let the sisters stay, so i mostly like her? She also sided with Squilf in TBC, which i agreed with too.
Lynxpaw (me): Love her! She is my favourite SkyClan character!

Who should be the next SkyClan leader?
Stripepaw: Billystorm, he is really loyal to his mate and kits and wouldn’t rush into fights.
Hazelpaw: I think Hawkwing should be the next leader. He is a good deputy and a kind cat.
Rosepaw: Hawkwing all the way!!
Shroompaw: Most likely? Hawkwing. My unpopular opinion? Rootspring. PETITION TO GIVE ROOTSPRING AN APPRENTICE, SIGNED!
Lynxpaw (me): Hawkwing! I want him to become Hawkstar, and then choose Rootspring or Violetshine as his deputy.

Should SkyClan have joined the other Clans by the lake?
Stripepaw: Yes, it was kinda frustrating knowing about this whole other Clan without seeing it or even having it mentioned for arcs. Also, having SkyClan return made lots of interesting drama!
Hazelpaw: I mean, they would have died if they didn’t, but idk.
Rosepaw: Nuh-uh, they shouldn’t have existed.
Shroompaw: YES YES YES! if they didn’t join, we wouldn’t have Root x Bristle, Tree x Violetshine… and poor Twigbranch and Violetshine would have never known their father! (Not saying meeting Hawkwing was a good thing tho, they were just sad) also, the Clans would have probably died to Darktail. COUGH COUGH, ONESTAR.
Lynxpaw (me): No. I don’t like SkyClan that much. I feel that they were only created for Firestar’s Quest. Four Clans were better, it was hard enough to keep track of all cats in the first four Clans, now there are five Clans, and A LOT of cats.

The results!

Favourite cat: Leafstar (2 votes, Lynxpaw and Stripepaw)
Who should be the next leader: Hawkwing (3 votes, Lynxpaw, Hazelpaw and Rosepaw)
Should SkyClan have joined the other Clans: No (2 votes, Lynxpaw and Rosepaw) or Idk (2 votes, Hazelpaw and Stripepaw.)

That’s it! Thank you Haxel, Rosie, Stripe and Shroom!

So what did you think? Do you agree with us? Tell me in the comments.
Thanks for reading, if you want to be interviewed in one of these articles, check the tavern (I usually post a link every two weeks.)

Lynxpaw out!

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