[Hollyleaf sitting in a forest during sunset]

Did Hollypool Deserve All This? by Hollypool

Hollypool shares their thoughts on Hollyleaf.

[Hollyleaf sitting in a forest during sunset]
Art by Marshcold
[Hollyleaf sitting in a forest during sunset]

Hello again! It’s Hollypool! Today, I’ll be reviewing my opinions on Hollyleaf. There’ll be spoilers for Hollyleaf’s story, OOTS, and other books that I forgot what they were called. Let’s start!

Hollyleaf is my favorite character. She was born to Leafpool and Crowfeather, along with Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She was a medicine cat apprentice for a while, but switched to warrior apprentice. After she discovered her REAL parents, she was devastated and killed Ashfur and ran into the tunnels! She met Fallen Leaves and was discovered by Ivypool and Dovewing while they were sneaking around. Then, stinky old Hawkfrost killed her. Now that you know about her, let’s ask ourself, Did she deserve this?

In my opinion, she did not. imagine if you were happy and then your mother’s almost mate came and went, “HEY GUESS WHAT YOUR LIFE IS A LIE,” how would you feel? Confused, devastated, and unhappy, that’s what. So, I agree that she went a smidge overboard on Ashfur, but he had it coming. But it was a bit ironic that she revealed it anyways and ran away. Hollyleaf felt afraid and regretful, feeling that she didn’t deserve to go back. Thankfully, she met Fallen Leaves!
Anyways, a part in Hollyleaf’s story revealed that she met a scared fox cub and comforted it, before releasing it. If it weren’t for her, it would’ve been DEAD. And how did it thank her? TRYING TO EAT HER! So that part was just sad. And anyways, Hollyleaf was bored, and started spying- I MEAN taking care of her clan, until one day, Ivypool and Blossomfall had bees in their brains and trampled around the tunnels before getting lost.

HOLLYLEAF TO THE RESCUE AGAIN! But Ivypool and DOVEWING came this time again. Anyways, they spied on Windclan and had no idea Hollyleaf was watching them. And then, they got lost (duh) but Hollyleaf save them. Again.

Anyways, after that Lionblaze dragged her back. The clans weren’t exactly friendly. That’s bad, because it was her nightmare! That’s just so much pressure. And Jayfeather, as much as I like him, went, “MURDERING A CAT IS OKAY BUT NOT TALKING TO US IS THE MOST HORRIBLE CRIME!” Chill.

Hollyleaf was finally settling , but we can’t say the same for the angry ghost cats. They attacked camp, and Hawkfrost tried to kill Ivypool. He killed Hollyleaf instead.

Overall, I can say that Hollyleaf had a very stinky and unlucky life. Her life was a lie, she was ripped apart from her clans, and killed when she was still young. It doesn’t count as karma, because if Leafpool had known better, Hollyleaf would have had a better life, and she wouldn’t have killed Ashfur. Anyways, I’m gonna go before my article get’s cut off.

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