[designs of Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit laying/sitting side-by-side]

Giving all dead kits warrior names part 3 by Bloodynight

Bloodynight gives warrior names to kits who never got one.

[designs of Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit laying/sitting side-by-side]
Art by AkiraTrebound
[designs of Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit laying/sitting side-by-side]

In this article I will give finally warriors names to the dead ThunderClan kits,so let’s start with…
Chesnutkit 🌰
They was one of the first kits Robinwing had and they didn’t appear to much in the book so i’ll name him Chesnutblaze because they are reddish-brown cat.
Cricketkit 🦗
They are blue-gray cat as they haven’t a name based on their description I will give them one that will be the one and only Cricketmoon.
Featherkit 🪶
He was a deaf white tom with blue eyes that didn’t deserve to die but he did.
I would name him Feathermist because he disappeared (like mist) and was never found again ( this is so sad I think I’m going to stop a moment to cry).
Snowkit ⛄️
Snowkit died killed by a hawk because he was deaf (like Featherkit) and couldn’t hear the hawk.I’ll like to call him Snowspirit because he was a happy kit (and please Erins let a deaf cat be a warrior).
Mistlekit 🕊️
She was the sister of Snowkit,I’ll call her Mistlewing because idk I just liked the name.
Larchkit MV 🌳
He was a energetic dark brown tom that died unfairly.I’ll call him Larchshade because of his pelt colour and obviously in honour to his mother (Mapleshade).
She was the sister of Larchkit and Patchkit and liked to playfight a lot (she killed a poor moss ball,RIP moss ball) so I will call her Petalclaw.
Patchkit 🐈
He was the kindest kit that ever stepped on ThunderClan why he had to die.
I’ll name him Patchstar because he should have been leader (and for the warrior name Patchheart).
Elderkit 🍃
This is one of the weirdest names in warriors cats (I know ‘elder’ refers to the plant not to an elder but it’s still weird).
I’ll call him Elderstorm because he is dark gray and to honour his father Whitestorm.
Tulipkit 🌷
He was the brother of Elderkit,he was pale gray with darker flecks so I’ll call him Tulipcloud.
Lynxkit 🐆
Lynxfire would be a good name for them because they are ginger or also Lynxdusk because they had black patches and because at dusk the sky is orange,I think I like Lynxdusk best.
Hollykit 🎄and Larchkit TNP 🌳
They were both brown tabbies,I’ll name Hollykit Hollybark and Larchkit Larchbranch because they’re brown and they died because twolegs were destroying the forest.
Nightkit 🌌 and Mistkit 🌫️
She and Mistkit didn’t say goodbye when their father leaves ThunderClan they just simply sit next to each other, with a confused, glazed look in their eyes.Because of this I’ll name Nightkit Nightsilence and Mistkit Mistgaze.
I will name her Dandelionwish because if you blow dandelion and wish something it supposed to happen and because it’s a perfect name for a happy little kit that never had the chance to live 🥲.
Juniperkit 🫐
I’ll call him Juniperspark because he is so energetic in StarClan and in honour to his sister Sparkpelt.
Flickerkit 🕊️
I’ll name him Flickersong in honour to his father because he went to StarClan with him and because his father named him.
Mosskit 🪨
She died to young 😭😭😭 of hypothermia in the snow and because of that I’ll name her Mosssnow also because she had white on her fur (and maybe also because I like to see three ‘s’ in her name).
I just read Sky and I realised that when I was naming the ShadowClan’s kits I didn’t name him so here goes his name,Rowanleaf because he only needed some Catmint leaves to be saved but no clan had but RiverClan and they didn’t realised.
So that’s all the dead kits,well maybe I skipped some poors dead kits but I think I named almost every kit.
Hope you liked it😸

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