Happy Clanniversary, Lilybreeze!

It’s Lilybreeze’s Clanniversary!

Oooh what’s this? A Clanniversary post not written by Lil?! :O

Hello everyone! I’m Aquila, and I usually specialise in Birthdays, but today I am writing this Clanniversary post to celebrate someone very special… our very own Clanniversary Tsar and writer of The Blog Monthly, Lil!!!

By my calculations, I believe that this is Lil’s third clanniversary and that she joined on November 16th 2020! Wow!! For me at least, 2020 feels simultaneously like ages ago and also yesterday, but I know we can all agree that we’ve loved having Lil with us the past 3 years because she’s just that br-Lil-iant! (I’m so sorry I think I managed to exhaust all of my Lil puns last year so you may catch some repeats! 😛 )

Firstly, Lil, I have a clanniversary gift that was sent in for you from Rosepaw/fern, which I’m going to give to you now:

“Hey Lil! Happy Clanniversary! Your such an awesome BlogClanny and I’m so happy to have you here!!!! Have an awesome day!”

And secondly, since all good celebrations deserve cake, here is a cake I picked for you:

a sponge cake with a fondant water lily on top and painted on the side to look like a pond. image credit to I Am Baker.

So I was just looking up lily cakes, expecting to have to scroll for a bit to find a nice one, but one of the first ones that popped up on my search was this! Isn’t it beautiful?! Maybe I just like paintings in general, but I really love the style of this cake and that it looks almost like one of Monet’s waterlily paintings! 🙂

And finally, to round this post off, I’m going to end by telling you how genuinely awesome Lil is!
Lil is an incredibly attentive and caring person; I can tell you that she always has your back and will try to help you and support you as much as she can. She is also so organised! On the Blog, I can’t believe how much she has done in the past and still does for the apprentice army! On top of this, Lil is incredibly busy outside of the Blog, where she is a mod on many discord servers and does plays at her school/college, and yet she manages to be successful in all of these. She is also such a talented writer, and if you haven’t already, I would urge you to look at some of her contest entries for past gatherings. If you have discord, you’ll know that sometimes we get to see her poetry on the BlogClan server, which is genuinely mindblowing – Lil has such a skill and ability to craft words. Of course, she doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit for this, and would never boast about it on the Blog. Lil, I’m super happy that I know you (online 😛 ) and that I get to be a mod with you. You’re so cool and I’m glad you’re my friend! 😀

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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