[a full-body design of Cherrypaw of ThunderClan]

Giving Warrior Names to Kits and Apprentices that Didn’t Receive Them (Part 1) by Smokepaw

Smokepaw gives warrior names to characters who didn’t receive one.

[a full-body design of Cherrypaw of ThunderClan]
Art by theDawnmist
[a full-body design of Cherrypaw of ThunderClan]

Hello fellow BlogClanners! It’s me, Smokepaw!!! This is my third article and in this article I shall give warrior names to kits and apprentices that didn’t get a chance to receive it.

First up….Adderkit!
Adderkit was one of the lost kits in Cats of the Clans. He died due to an adder bite so he never got a chance to become an apprentice or warrior. In Cats of the Clans, he was said to have puffed up his chest when Rock mentioned WindClan, showing that he is a cat that is loyal and proud of his Clan. For that I think his Warrior name should be Adderheart.

Next up…. Blossomkit!
Another one of the lost kits in Cats of the Clans. She was born in ShadowClan to Dawncloud and Finchflight but sadly died along with her sibling, Swampkit. She is said to be a pure white cat, which is rare. But also her eyes lit up when Rock mentioned Leafpool, hinting she might have wanted to be a medicine cat. So her warrior name could be either to do with her fur or with herbs and plants. Some suffixes might be, -snow -fern -petal. I think -petal really fits her prefix so Blossompetal!

Thirdly…. Cherrypaw!
Born to Fuzzypelt and Robinwing, they are siblings with Brindleface, Frostfur, Dustpelt, Ravenpaw and Chestnutkit. They are shown as a ginger and white cat. For them I think their name could have something to do with their splotches. So how about Cherrysplash?

Next up! Chestnutkit!
They are the sibling of Cherrypaw! They are shown as a reddish cat with lighter parts. We don’t know much about their personality, so their Warrior name will have to be based of their pelt! I feel like a simple name like Chestnutpelt would fit them well!

Fifth is Cricketkit!
They are a kit of Dappletail and Runningwind, and their brother is Featherkit. They are depicted as a blue-gray cat. So maybe their name could be Cricketsky? I really don’t know.

That’s all from me today. But I’ll definitely write a part two! Post in the comments what you favourite name is! Mine’s probably Cherrysplash! Smokepaw out!

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