[Dovewing and Ivypool stand back-to-back with conflicted expressions]

Dovewing or Ivypool, who is the better fit, for the prophecy? by Spottedfang

Spottedfang wonders which sister would’ve been the best third prophecy cat.

[Dovewing and Ivypool stand back-to-back with conflicted expressions]
Art by botanical-purgatory
[Dovewing and Ivypool stand back-to-back with conflicted expressions]

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best way to start this article, after all, we all know that Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were “meant” to complete the prophecy, but really, would Ivypool be a better fit?

I’m Spottedfang here to ask you this question: Dovewing or Ivypool, who is a better fit for the prophecy? Sure, Dovewing has special sensitive senses, but really would you rather invest your trust and care with somekit that has no idea what she is meowing about or invest you trust with Ivypool, someone just like you, someone that will bring us hope?

“You’re only doing it to get attention” Ivypaw hissed,
Alright maybe Dovewing has some sense after all, but honestly, Ivypool allows us to dream big, not like Dovewing, who only allows us to watch from the shadows, as readers we should be asking ourselves one big question: Who should we invest our dreams in? A selfish warrior, or a selfless warrior.

And, it’s not Ivypool’s fault that she isn’t as advanced in hunting as Dovewing, but she is alright at it. Instead of blaming Ivypool, perhaps we should be blaming Cinderheart, as her mentor, she should be helping Ivy to get better at hunting, so one day she can become the other Clans greatest fear!

You know what, I’m not expecting a duel from Dovewing and Ivypool, because at the end of the day, they are still sisters. They’ve had their ups and downs, but we do all know that they can be a little bit uncontrollable. Ivypool would do anything for Dovewing, I’m just not sure Dovewing would do the same. Ever since the start Dovewing has been a feisty, uncontrollable feline. One that could tear others apart, if she had the chance, one that could kill a hundred beavers if she had training.

Guys, hear me out I’m not asking you to change your favorite kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader, queen, medicine cat, or elder, to Ivypool, I’m just asking you to give it some thought, and try to answer our big question: Dovewing or Ivypool, who is the better fit for the prophecy?
Write who you think should complete the prophecy in the comments below! Thank you 🤍

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    Great article! Ivypool wasn’t a bad hunter, Dovewing just had her power. I honestly don’t know who would be a better fit for the prophecy. But (if I was being biased) I would choose Ivypool.

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