Official cast poster for Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek TNG Characters As Warrior Cats by Stormflower

Stormflower compares Warriors characters to characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Official cast poster for Star Trek: The Next Generation
Official cast poster for Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hello, it’s Stormflower back with my second article. *Purrs*. Anyways, I am a BIG trekkie, and I was very disappointed when I found there were no Star Trek articles on BlogClan. So, I decided that I will be the first to write one. Engage!

Captain Jean-Luc Picard as Firestar: This was a tough one. They are both natural leaders, but Firestar’s personality matches more with William Riker. I’m saving Will for another cat, so I chose Picard.

Commander William Riker as Graystripe: Personality? Check! Second in command? Check! I could go on forever, listing every similarity between the two, but because of time purposes I’m not going to.

Counselor Deanna Troi as Silverstream: This is one of the other reasons why I chose Graystripe as Will. And though SIlverstream isn’t an empath, she is very sweet. Like Deanna!

Doctor Beverly Crusher as Spottedleaf: *Dodges rocks*. Yes, I know. You all love Spottedleaf. *Cutely dodges rocks again* Anyways, doctors and medicine cats are quite similar. Plus, while both Jean-Luc and Beverly, and Firestar and Spottedleaf never get together, they clearly share a bond.

Lieutenant Commander Data as Stormfur: This was a HARD one, since there aren’t any emotionless cats. Stormfur fits Data, though, since they both have trouble fitting in with their peers.

Lieutenant Tasha Yar as Feathertail: They both risk their lives, leaving a huge impact on others. This is another reason for Data as Stormfur. They, out of anyone else, were hit the hardest, yet managed to make it through.

Lieutenant Worf as Lionblaze: Both strong warriors with a need for battle. There’s nothing else to say.

Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge as Jayfeather: They were both born blind, that’s about it.

Ensign Wesley Crusher as Berrynose: They’re both annoying…at times. That’s really all I can say.

Guinan as Cinderpelt: They are both very compassionate and good speakers. There when someone needs them.

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay as Ravenpaw: They’re both nice, yet big scaredy cats. What else is there to say?

Chief Miles O’Brien as Bumblestripe: Since Graystripe is already taken, Bumblestripe is the next closest. A funny cat for a funny character.

Ensign Ro Laren as Ivypool: Two misunderstood characters who both get very jealous and irritated easily.

Q as Sol: Q tricks the Federation, Sol tricks Blackstar. They both have good intentions, yet end up causing havoc.

Keiko O’Brien as Leafpool: Keiko is a Botanist, so I guess?

So that wraps up this article! Bye guys!

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