If Tigerclaw Chose Another Path by Hollypool

Hollypool wonders how Tigerclaw turned out the way he did.

Concept art by James L. Barry

Hello Blogclan! It’s me, Hollypool. Today, I’ll be overlooking Tigerclaw’s life and what kind of cat he might have became if he chose to live his life differently. Let’s start!

One thing that effected Tigerclaw’s life is the fact that his father left him. Pinestar went away to become a kittypet, leaving poor Leopardfoot and her three kits! I mean, wow. “What a great father.” But anyways, I feel like that if his father was there, he would’ve taught Tigerkit to look beyond claws and blood.

Also, Thistleclaw was his mentor. I mean, come on, Sunstar! Of all the cats! Huff. Seriously, Thistleclaw was a terrible mentor. Not that he didn’t teach skills well, but the fact that he passed his hunger of battles to Tigerpaw too. How could Tigerpaw NOT become a bad cat? Not a big chance. It really effected the way Tigerpaw thinks. If he had gotten a better mentor, say, maybe Thrushpelt, that mentor would’ve guided him better. So. Much. Potential. Wasted.

And let’s admit, Leopardfoot wasn’t at all the best at lecturing and teaching. That means that there was no one to teach Tigerpaw at that time about wrongs and rights and all that. Plus, all the the things Thistleclaw teached him to do and all… not fun. Oh, and fun fact. Did anyone notice this?
And probably a few others that I missed. Pretty cool, huh?

However, I do have to say, it was partly Tigerclaw’s fault too. After all, there is always a choice. It’s not like someone forced him to kill all these poor deputies or, SOB, Brindleface! That was just… mean. Evil. Cruel. Horrible. SO AMBITIOUS. But anyways, I do think that if somehow his life was easier, Tigerclaw would have been a great use to his clan. And poor Sasha too. I wonder what happened to her? However, IF Tigerclaw’s life had been that easy and he wasn’t evil, the plot wouldn’t have been interesting. He made the plots exciting and worth reading about, so that was a one thing. But yeah, I could ramble off forever of all the things that effected his life, but my paws- AHEM, I mean hands, are getting tired.

So I guess this is the end of my article on Tigerclaw. I really hope you guys enjoyed my little theory. Hollypool out!

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