[a simple design of Gorsepaw]

Giving Warrior Names to Kits and Apprentices that Didn’t Receive Them (Part 2) by Smokepaw

Smokepaw gives more warrior names to cats who never received one.

[a simple design of Gorsepaw]
Art by theDawnmist
[a simple design of Gorsepaw]

Hello! Smokepaw here! Today is Part 2 of giving warrior names to kits and apprentices that didn’t receive them. Let’s get started! *rubs hands together in excitement*

First up… Dandelionkit!
Born to Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. Sister of Alderheart, Sparkpelt and Juniperkit. She sadly died due to being very weak when born. She is described as a pale ginger tabby she-cat with lighter markings and glossy fur. In my opinion, that would make her look very similar to Sandstorm so maybe her name could describe her fur and her personality as she is very playful like a storm. So her Warrior name has been decided… it is Dandelionstorm! Woohoo!

Next is…. Featherkit!
Brother to Cricketkit, renamed Cricketsky by me in part 1 of giving apprentices and kits warrior name. Featherkit was born deaf due to being a white cat with blue eyes. At 3 moons old, he disappeared and was never found again. I think his name should have something to do with his pelt, so maybe something like Featherfall? Wait a second. That has nothing to do with his pelt. Doesn’t matter. It sounds nice anyways. Featherfall it is then!

Third is Finchkit!
Born in WindClan to Palebird and Sandgorse, brother to Tallstar. Finchkit sadly died in a day after her birth. She was described as a ginger she-cat so a few good suffixes that represents her pelt color are -flame, or -blaze. So her Warrior name could either be Finchflame or Finchblaze. Finchblaze looks cooler so that shall be her warrior name!

Flickerkit is next to receive his warrior name!
Flickerkit was born stillborn to Sparkpelt and Larksong. Moments after his birth, Larksong dies. Together, he and Larksong went to StarClan and there Larksong named him Flickerkit. Flickerkit is shown as a red and black tom. So maybe his name could be Flickersplotch?

Finally it is…. Gorsepaw!
Killed by Tigerstar in his own Clan’s camp. Gorsepaw sadly died before his warrior name was given to him. He was the son of Cloudrunner and Morningflower and had experienced so much. Chased out of camp with the rest of his Clan when he was just a kit and was carried by Firestar, who was Fireheart back then, on the way back to camp. He is described as a small, lean, brown tabby tom with short, thick fur. When I think of something that is short and thick, I think of grass. And when I think of grass, I think of bushes, so I think Gorsebush sounds good.

That’s all from me today. Thanx so much for reading. I will probably post a part 3. What was your favourite name? Tell me in the comments below! Mine was probably Finchblaze, but all of them were so cool. Thank you once again! Smokepaw out!

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