[a full-body design of Puddleshine laying down]

Warrior cat names I don’t like part 2 by Rosefern

Rosefern lists other names they don’t like.

[a full-body design of Puddleshine laying down]
Art by maracat0901
[a full-body design of Puddleshine laying down]

Hey catters! It is I, Rosefern here to enlighten you all with more names that I don’t like.
Here goes
Sneezcloud- did I do this one already? Gross! A cloud of sneeze!
Puddleshine- too chalky I don’t know why I don’t like the prefix Puddle just kinda puddles are murky and stuff, but shine makes it worse.
Barkface- I just don’t like the suffix face.
Loudbelly- That’s just kinda mean
Marshcloud- again with the murky
Tangleburr- isn’t that also a little bit mean?
Poppycloud- Poppy doesn’t go well with cloud
Prickleface- Again with the face, like a face full of prickles.
Crookedjaw- very self explanatory
Beenose- Strange
Archeye- what?
Pink Eyes- Makes me wonder if he was born with that name or if it was changed when he became an elder or if he was born with pink eyes or wat, but pink eyes that’s a little gross
White-Eye – Not very nice
Kinkfur- Not the nicest of names
Toadfoot- – Almost any name with the suffix “foot” sounds too serieous
Dust Muzzle. – Ewww. That’s all I gotta say.
Fluttering Bird- I’m sorry, but fluttering? really? I mean, that’s a little lame, don’t you think? It seems like, how in another universe, the “Fluttering birds” will be the little kits who don’t know how to do anything. Well, at least it’s not flapping. That’s even worse. Or flappy. *Bursts into laughter*
Cinderfur- too basic
Stumpytail- sounds evil
Pinenose- There’s just something off about that name
Doefeather- do does even have feathers?
Runningwind- I used to admire that name, but upon some closer inspection, swiftwind or something would definitely be better.
Runningnose- eww ewww gross nose I know Yellowfang had good intentions with that name but I still don’t like it.
Wetfoot- I can’t believe I didn’t cover this already! There’s Something about that name, like wet with what? Water? Saliva? Urine? Blood? We shall never know. I just hate that name.
Ok I hope you enjoyed my article! Let me know in the comments- Which ones do you agree with? And what are some other names you don’t like. And Do you think I should do a part 3?

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