[image description: a pale yellow cat with blue eyes laying down on a white background]

Has anybody noticed anything up with the Queens? by CloudPaw

[image description: a pale yellow cat with blue eyes laying down on a white background]
Art by marymsjay-warriors-art (tumblr)
[image description: a pale yellow cat with blue eyes laying down on a white background]
CloudPaw discusses the role of queens in Warriors

ok, so- (I’m still getting use to being called CloudPaw) I would like to ask a question – do you care about queens? no? if not, then that’s understandable, I mean, most main characters are either warriors or medicine cats, and sometimes deputy. But, I’ve noticed something – something most of you probably haven’t noticed – or have, but hasn’t mentioned too often. Queens seem to ALWAYS have their kits one or half a moon before they’re due!!!! I mean, it’s common enough that having them the exact moment they’re due is actually MORE rare than not! So – qeustion – HOW HAS NONE OF THE CLAN-CATS REALIZED THIS YET?!

Well, simple – it’s because they are more afflicted with StarClan than ever, they don’t have time to see if a queen has their kits before due or not. BUT STILL! Shouldn’t at l east a medicine cat have noticed? No, actually, like I said, they are too afflicted with StarClan, and worries more about them than one tired queen, having kits early. Ok, but why are kits always coming before they’re due? Another Simple thing – It’s called : Evolution – Maybe the Clan-Cats have faced so much trouble, that they have evolved to have kits early, so they can have warriors earlier, to fend in battle, and to replace those that have moved to the elder’s den, or have been lost. Well, we may not ever know the answer, but one thing is still true: Queens are kinda underrated. THEY ARE LIFE-GIVERS, and yet we give more attention to medicine cats, deputies, leaders, main characters… You know who brought those characters about? QUEENS! Sure, they may not be interesting, but I think we should feel some respect for them

One more thing – Also – Have you ever wondered why they call the cats expecting, or caring for kits Queens? Well… I think you would all know that they have to do with animals on our planet- One you would think of are ants – they worship their Queen – and what does their Queen do that none of the other ants in the colony do? that’s right! they give birth! So uh, yea – thought that would be interesting to share. ok, yeah, now bye – I guess.

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