[Dustpelt sitting in profile while looking at the viewer]

My thoughts on Dustpelt’s life by Skypaw

[Dustpelt sitting in profile while looking at the viewer]
Art by Vialir
[Dustpelt sitting in profile while looking at the viewer]
Skypaw analyzes Dustpelt

Hi! Sky here! This is my first article, and I wanted to shed some light on something. It’s really simple, but no one really pays attention. Let’s start. By the way, this is only from the books I have read, and some points may not specify which arc.

I want to shed some light on Dustpelt’s life. The first part is in the first arc, when we first meet him. Shortly after Firepaw joins Thunderclan, he learns that Dustpaw’s mentor, Redtail, has been killed in a battle against Riverclan for a PILE OF ROCKS. Later, he looks up to Tigerclaw, which is already a bad idea, even if he doesn’t know it.

Moving on from the Tigerclaw thing, which I will get to, he loses his brother, Ravenpaw, and presumes he is dead, when in reality, he just went to live with Barley as a loner. Moving back to the whole Tigerclaw ordeal, after Tigerclaw has killed many cats, they learn he is actually an awful, power-thirsty cat. By this time, he is a warrior, and Tigerclaw asks him to join him as a rogue, which he refuses. (NOTE: Loners are peaceful, rogues are not).

Moving on to TNP, Squirrelpaw, his apprentice, moves onto a journey, so he has technically lost her as well. In the same arc, he loses one or two of his kits, due to the twolegs who are taking away the chance for much prey, who also took his territory and home from him.

Moving on to the battle against the Dark Forest (Totally haven’t read that arc yet, just know some things), he lost his mate in the battle. Shortly after, in Bramblestar’s Storm, I believe it’s called, the lake territories flood and they lose their camp. He loses one of his kits when they die trying to get the Stick of The Fallen. They die as an apprentice, and Dustpelt grieves very much, and takes care to protect his only remaining kin, his other kit. Not long after, he himself dies in a fight with badgers that were causing Shadowclan trouble and does not live to get back to their camp.

This will probably get cut off, but I loved writing this, and I feel so bad for him, and even Brackenfur and Ravenpaw for losing him, and Brackenfur seemed genuinely lost without him. Bye guys!

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