[headshots of (from top to bottom) Sunny, Starflight, Glory, Tsunami, and Clay]

Giving Wings of Fire characters tribe names by Aspenpaw

Aspenpaw gives tribe names to characters from Wings of Fire.

[headshots of (from top to bottom) Sunny, Starflight, Glory, Tsunami, and Clay]
Art by xTheDragonRebornx
[headshots of (from top to bottom) Sunny, Starflight, Glory, Tsunami, and Clay]

This is my first article and I’ll be giving tribe names to ten Wings of Fire dragons. Here we go!
First up is Clay the bighearted MudWing. I’ll just keep their actual names in the tribe name. He’ll be… Clay with warm sun inside, because that’s how I imagine him. I know that’s not the best name, but clay doesn’t usually do anything, so I’ll just keep that.
Next is Tsunami the fierce SeaWing. Like I just said she’s fierce and also bossy, just like her name, but she’s loyal to her friends and would do anything for them. She’ll be… Tsunami crashing over an island.
Then we have Glory the RainWing who’s not anything like the RainWing we picture. She hates being called lazy and boring. She’ll be Glory in the dazzling sun, because she’s super pretty and also if you mess with her, it won’t be pretty, just like looking directly at the sun.
Next is Starflight, a NightWing who honestly resembles Ravenpaw. I’ll split his name into two parts. His name is Star taking flight after sunset. I just think that’s a nice name, because I don’t know how his normal name resembles him at all.
Then we meet Sunny, the cheerful SandWing. Sunny is a fitting name for her. Her name is Sunny patch of green grass, because she has green eyes as a result of being Night-Sand hybrid.
Next is Moonwatcher the shy NightWing with lots of secrets. She can read minds but even though she knows way too much about all these dragons she’s super scared of them. Her mother named her Moonwatcher because she was watching the moons. She’ll be Watcher of bright moons.
Next we have Winter the royal IceWing. All he talks about is being royal and therefore better than everyone else. His name is Winter wind whipping through the night. I just realized something weird about that name and his crush…
Next is Peril the SkyWing that can literally set you on fire by hugging you. Her name definitely fits her because the only dragon she can touch is Clay, since he has fireproof scales. Her new name is Perilous drop overlooking burning forest. Hee hee.
After her is Turtle the introverted SeaWing. He is way worse at talking to people than Moon but he also has secrets. He is the opposite of Qibli who we’ll do next. He’ll be Turtle sleeping in the shade of boulder, because he definitely wouldn’t be out in the sun.
Last but definitely not least is Qibli, the smart, funny SandWing. Qibli has no meaning so this will be a little tricky. I’ll just go with Qibli sitting under desert sun, since he is a SandWing.
For those of you wondering where Luna and Blue and Cricket are, they will be coming in Part Two along with some villains:)

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