[Tawnypelt, in the graphic novel art style, leaps towards the bottom right]

Why Tawnypelt Should Have Been Leader by Vixenpaw

Vixenpaw shares why they think Tawnypelt should’ve become the leader of ShadowClan.

[Tawnypelt, in the graphic novel art style, leaps towards the bottom right]
Official art by James L. Barry
[Tawnypelt, in the graphic novel art style, leaps towards the bottom right]

DISCLAIMER: There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t read the last book of Omen of the Stars or Tigerstar’s Shadow, stop reading here. Hey guys! It’s Vixenpaw, here with my first article, all about how Tawnypelt should have been leader. Anyone who loves Tawnypelt knows that she should have been Tawnystar. I’m with you! (Give us Tawnystar or give us sadness!) Frankly, I think she would have been a better leader than Tigerstar the II. I mean, anyone who loves her thinks that she should have taken the place of Rowanstar after he passed. (Right? Am I the only one who says that?) So, here are some reasons that she should have been leader after Rowanstar. First reason: Tawnypelt is such a take charge gal! I mean, even if she was only the deputy, she would be practically a leader already! Second reason is not only is she very take charge, she is also sweet! As a leader, she would be kind and loving to her clan, like they were her kits! Third reason is that she is very confident. She would make all the right decisions for her clan. Fourth reason is that she is one smart cookie. She would not lead her clan into unnecessary battles. Fifth reason is that she is close with Bramblestar, making her a perfect leader to develop a relationship with ThunderClan. (Unless we’re talking about when he gets possessed by Ashfur… then just discard any of this part of the reasons… hehe) Finally, the sixth and final reason that Tawnypelt should be a leader is… nine lives for Tawnypelt?!?! Yes please! normal Tawnypelt! I mean, I do not know about you, but nine times the Tawnypelt?! Where can I sign up? I just love Tawnypelt, and seeing her becoming a leader? It would make me so happy! I have wanted Tawnystar for so long! Like, since I first heard of Tawnypelt! If she became a leader, I would freak out! She is my favorite Warrior Cat! I would love to start a petition to get the Erins to make her a leader. (I bet this might spark some fanfiction!) If you have come this far, then hats off to you! Good job making it through my rambling! I just want to let all the warriors know that I am still looking for a mentor, so you can add a comment letting me know if you are interested. Again, this is my first ever article, so i

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