[Stylized full-body designs of Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit]

Giving Warrior Names to Dead Kits and Apprentices by Jaypaw

Hello guys! Jaypaw here! I just had a name change. It used to be Jaysong, but I realized the rule here XD. So, I’m giving dead kits and apprentices warrior names. This is really going to be upsetting…
1. Snowkit. Snowkit is a deaf sturdy white tom with blue eyes. He is sadly taken by a hawk…or was it an eagle??? I would’ve given Snowkit the name…Snowfrost for his blue eyes.
2. Larchkit. Larchkit is Mapleshade’s dead kit. He was a dark brown tom and I would’ve named him…Larchfoot! 🙂
3. Petalkit. Another one of Mapleshade’s kits…Petalkit was a pale brown she-cat, so I would’ve named her…Petaldusk after her father. Oh my, this is depressing.
4. Patchkit. Patchkit was a patched ginger and white tom. In honor of his mother, he shall hereby be known as Patchshade of RiverClan! (Later to be Patchstar *wink*)
5. Shrewpaw. Shrewpaw was one of Ferncloud’s kits who died from a monster. He was a brown tom. I would’ve named him Shrewrunner. No clue why lol.
6. Larchkit. I know, another one. It was Ferncloud’s other kit. I would’ve named this one…Larchwing. Larchkit was a brown she-kit, forgot to mention.
7. Hollykit. Hollykit was Ferncloud’s OTHER kit XD. She was a dark brown she-kit. I would’ve named her Hollycloud in honor of Ferncloud…who *spoiler alert!* dies in OoTs!
8. Swiftpaw. I can’t remember who his mother is, but it’s very sad! Swiftpaw is mauled to death by dogs. If it were up to me, Swiftpaw would be named Swiftfoot. You live in Brightheart’s heart!
9. Nightkit. Nightkit was one of Pinestar’s dead kits. I would’ve named her Nightfur, for her black fur. I miss her…
10. Mistkit. Another one of Pinestar’s dead kits. She was a gray she-kit with blue eyes, and I would’ve named her Mistwish. Idk, the name sounds nice!
11. Dandelionkit. Dandelionkit is Squirrelflight’s dead kit! I know, she has kits, so surprising! Yes, it’s with Bramblestar! Dandelionkit was a pale ginger tabby she-kit. I would’ve named her Dandelionheart, as I think it sounds really cute, and she’s Squirrelflight’s!
12. Juniperkit. Sadly, another one of Squirrelflight’s kits. He was a dark brown and white tabby tom. I would’ve named him Juniperlight, for his lighter underbelly.
13. Ravenpaw. He didn’t die, but he left ThunderClan. I would’ve named him Ravenwing for sure.
14. Sweetpaw. I would’ve named her Sweetfang just because…
15. Seedpaw. Seedpaw was Sorreltail’s kit. She was a golden-brown she-cat. I would’ve named her Seedfur, because she looks a lot like her father, Brackenfur.
16. Mosskit. Mosskit is a pale gray and white she-kit with blue eyes. I would’ve named her Mossheart, as her father is Oakheart, and it’s really cute!
Anyways, that’s all for today! I hope this was entertaining! Have a good day/night! Jaypaw out!

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