[a realistic full-body design of Bramblestar]

How Characters Drastically Changed by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw lists some characters that changed drastically over the course of their life.

[a realistic full-body design of Bramblestar]
Art by Lithestep
[a realistic full-body design of Bramblestar]

Ello ladies and gentleman! It is Dawnpaw here with my first article! Today, we will be talking about how characters in the popular series, “Warriors” changed drastically! Let’s get started!
First of all, lemme say that I’m sorry if this’ll offend anyone. The first cat we have is Tigerstar 2.0. Tigerstar/heart used to be so happy, clumsy, nervous, ect., but now, as Tigerstar of ShadowClan, he’s overprotective, cold, distant, and not very fair! He’s rude towards his mother, Tawnypelt, and cold towards Shadowsight after he shares a vision. Instead of looking for Shadowsight after he disappears, he just paces around camp and waits. Great fathering.
Bramblestar was also a character that changed drastically. He used to be hardheaded, confident, and loyal as Brambleclaw. But now as Bramblestar, he’s more distant, wary, and a bit less loyal to ThunderClan. I don’t think this change was very great, as he was a bit abusive towards Squirrelflight. He was also rude to Rootpaw when trying to get the SkyClan apprentice’s help.
Ashfur is another cat on my list. Ashfur used to be a loyal, determined ThunderClan warrior who wouldn’t stop at anything to protect his birth Clan. But after Squirrelflight chooses Brambleclaw/star, he turns evil, murderous, deceitful, and untrustworthy. He tries to kill Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf as well as Firestar himself! He also gave Shadowsight fake visions so he could possess Bramblestar’s body to get revenge. Then he possesses ThunderClan warriors to fight their friends, and drags Squirrelflight to the Dark Forest! What in StarClan?!
Alderheart definitely changed for the greater good. He used to be nervous, anxiety-filled, anxious, and clumsy. But now he’s confident, determined, loyal, and hard-working. He definitely helped his Clan by changing in this way, and I believe he’ll make a great mentor when he gets an apprentice.
Sandstorm, like Alderheart, changed for the greater good. She used to be mocking, bullyish, rude, and more sassy. Once she realized that she liked Fireheart, she grew to be caring, less mocking, less sassy, loving, affectionate, and loyal. Sandstorm helped to find SkyClan and rebuild the lost Clan, and died honorably while traveling with Alderpaw to find the SkyClan cats again. If only she were still here.
The last cat on my list is definitely Rootspring. Rootspring used to be anxiety-filled, clumsy, distracted, and zoned out. But now he’s fierce, determined, loyal, and strong. I support RootXBristle and very sad Bristlefrost died…RIGHT AFTER SHE ADMITTED FEELINGS FOR HIM >:(.
Sorry if this was more complaining than anything else, but I hoped you enjoyed! These are just SOME of the cats who changed greatly in “Warriors.” Have a good rest of your day/night! Dawnpaw out!

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