Giving Skandar and the Unicorn Thief Characters Warrior Names by Hollypaw

Hollypaw gives warrior names to characters from Skandar and the Unicorn Thief.

Official cover art of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

Hi, it’s Holly! This is my first article! I hope you enjoy!

Okay probably a lot of you have no idea what this book series is, and if you don’t, I advise you to read it soon, because it is awesome.

This article will have no spoilers, so even if you haven’t read the books, you can still read the article.

Starting now!

1. Skandar Smith
First let’s do Skandar himself!!! He is brave and kind, and his element is Spirit. I think Glowspirit’s pretty good, named after his element!

2. Bobby Bruna
She is funny, sarcastic, and tough. Her element is Air. I’d call her Blazeclaw, Blaze for her personality, and claw for her skill in battle!

3. Mitchel Henderson
He is bold, smart, and a bookworm. His element is Fire. Hmmm….I’m not sure about this one. Maybe Brightflame? Bright for his intelligence and overall personality, and flame for his element! Perfect!

4. Flo Shekoni
AAAAHHHH MY FAVORITE CHARACTERRRRR!!! FLO! She’s really really kind, and cares about her friends, and really brave. AAHHHHH I LOVE HER!!!! Her element is Earth. Definitely heart for the suffix, because of her AMAZINNNGGGG personality, and for her prefix…maybe Leaf cause of her element? Leafheart!

5. Amber Fairfax
Amber Fairfax is a big bully at the start of the series, but later on her character starts getting a little more complicated. I’m not going to spoil anything though!! She’s mean, and self-centered, but isn’t evil. Her element is Air. Maybe Eaglefang? Eagle for her element and fang for her personality!

6. Kenna Smith
Skandar’s older sister. She desperately wants a unicorn, but her hopes were shattered when she failed the test. This character has an interesting path awaiting her…BUT NOT GONNA SPOIL!!! How about Pounceshadow? She’s fierce and loyal, so pounce, and shadow for the dark path that awaits her.

7. The Weaver
I am NOT going to say their real name, because SPOILER, but the Weaver is the main antagonist of the series. They are cruel and evil, and long for power. Maybe Wild for the prefix, for the whole wild unicorn thing (NOT spoiling anything!!!), and for the suffix…hmmm…frost! Wildfrost! It just sounds good!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my article! Bye, and may StarClan light your path!!!

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