[a realistic full-body design of Scourge]

What happened to Scourge / Tiny? by CloudPaw

CloudPaw wonders what happened to Scourge after he died.

[a realistic full-body design of Scourge]
Artist unknown
[a realistic full-body design of Scourge]

Ok, so, simple from the get-go : What happened to Scourge / Tiny?

I mean, after he was killed by FireStar? what happened to his spirit? Some do believe he just – well – went to the dark forest, but I believe it’s much more complicated than that, and besides, he didn’t believe in StarClan OR the Dark Forest – So here are some of my theories, plus others theories, to what happened –

Theory 1# Scourge’s Spirit just wanders the forest – I mean, It’s what happens with Cheddar the Kittypet, she died, and her ghost just… wanders… but there are great reasons why this may not be the case. First of all, Why would he roam around the forest – if, he like, is killed there – and roaming twolegplace may be a bad memory to him – and the trees… it’s kind of.. eerie… unless *GASPS* he cursed the forest so that it would be cut down! :O, I mean – IT IS a HUGE coincidence that it is cut down almost AFTER Scourge’s death – isn’t that fishy? Maybe – or perhaps the next theory could have the curse element? Well, we will probably, most likely, never know, but still…

Theory 2# Scourge was reborn as SquirrelFlight – People have been pointing out that they both share blood technically, having FireStar as her father, and Scourge a half-brother. And they both shared a excitement of adventure. also, isn’t it convenient that Scourge dies a book before Squirrel’s birth? but this is still a bit unlikely, because Scourge’s Spirit can’t become completely part of her, because you know, Cinder? but even with that, it is still very possible, with only that minor issue.

AND Theory 3# His Spirit just died, end of story. I mean, this is the most boring conclusion, but it is still likely. Though, Since DarkTail’s spirit was able to wander into the Dark Forest somehow due to AshFur, I don’t know. Maybe Scourge’s Spirit died there? Still, you’d have to ponder how’d it get there, and how’d it get killed. hmm..

Anyways, Yeah, hope you have a good day. I also hope you didn’t waste your time reading this!

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  • 🌲🌙🌳Onekit/moon🌲🌙 Moon 🌕🌲(she/her)🌲🌌 I like the night sky!🌌🌌I just want to be alone leave me in peace 😓🌕🌕🌙🌲 says:

    Nice post 🙂

  • I honestly just thought he went to the Dark Forest.
    I didn’t even think he could have gone elsewhere!
    This is kinda an interesting topic… Although I don’t think he cursed the forest. That was just humans and their destruction. Nice post. Way to get people thinking!

  • I like theory 2. It makes sense and as Squirrelflight he might have wanted to make up for his bad deeds with another more peaceful life.

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