Cadvent Day 4!

Welcome back everyone, so sorry for the delay on this one, but I hope you’ll forgive me once you see how adorable these cats are!

Okay, scratch that, our first photo actually isn’t of a cat, but of an adorable guinea pig! This is Willowdawn’s pet, Tiramisu!

Look at how patiently it’s sitting, waiting for the holidays to arrive! This is such a cute photo, thank you for sharing Willowdawn!

Next up, we have a wonderful artwork by Emeraldkit, titled: “A Very Jolly Emeraldmist”

You’re so right, Emeraldmist does look so jolly in this photo! I also really like the background, those snowflakes look so pretty 😀

Finally for today is our entry from Pineconepaw!

It looks like Pineconepaw is trying to snatch one of those presents!! :0

I love the attention to the little details in this drawing – that Warriors themed gift bag is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Pineconepaw!

And thank you everyone! I shall see you tomorrow, ideally in a more punctual manner…

But until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and that you stay nice and cozy as it starts to get cold!

🌻🌸🌸🌺🌸🌷🌸🌷Birchfoot🦋🐔🦋🐌Call me Birchy!🔥🌏🌷🌷🌷🌟Running for SW🌏✨🌏💐Thunder only happens when it's raining🌟💐🌏☔️🌥️🫧🌥️☔️I can’t wait for fall☔️☔️


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