[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

The Could Have Been Better Series 1 by Owlkit

Owlkit points out the flaws in StarClan and the Dark Forest and how to fix them.

[image description: see-through blue silhouettes of three cats float in the starry night sky in-between trees shrouded in darkness]
[see-through blue silhouettes of three cats float in the starry night sky in-between trees shrouded in darkness]

Bonjour, yes, I make too many articles but anyway. I, Owlkit, have come up with yet another article and this time it will be a series. This is the first part of the series and it is about the afterlife.

After you die, cats of StarClan decide where you go, to TDF or to StarClan. They study your past and inevitably send you to where you belong.
But actually where do you belong? StarClan can make mistakes that lead to their downfall, such as the decision of Ashfur, which tore StarClan and the living clans apart. And after that, if even one cat did one thing wrong in their life (Not looking at anyone in particular JUNIPERCLAW) they were to go to TDF where they begged to be let into StarClan and promised to never do something that rotten again (get it?). Now, I am a Juniperclaw supporter and I do not stand for this stupid decision that they made when Juniperclaw died SAVING a kit. Like, are you for real?

Anyway, the main thing I am discussing is this: Where should you go after you die?
Why is there TDF and StarClan if bad stuff can still happen in both places. They can connect to the living even though they live in the sky.
If a cat is bad, why let their soul stay alive. It’s not going to change, revenge is the only thing that keeps TDF cats alive. Yes, it made a good plot for Omen of the Stars but it really broke the sacred meaning of why they are given another life; if they do the same thing they did with their last life.

But how do we improve it?
To improve it we can take The Place of No Stars and take it far away from StarClan, where there is no hole in the wall that connects TDF to StarClan. Then, we make the land gigantic, so that the cats are spread apart and never see each other so that they cannot plan an attack on the real world. After this, we make the forest really really dense.
We then cut off TDF from the clans so that they never ever dream of getting scars all over their face and wake up and they actually do have scars all over their face.
Next, we erase any memory of them being bad; and to not make their life miserable for no reason (which is what they think) we clear the fog and make it night everyday.
Now, it is still what it was meant to be, a place for evil cats to live without harming anybody, except now it is.

We finally improved TDF but now we are still left with the decision of how they get there. StarClan cats seem to think they are right, every time they make that choice. But to get someone else to decide, we would need to create an area. (And I know we can’t just conjure up a floating island or anything but I’m doing that anyway) An area that can sense the ambitions of the cat. If they have good ambitions, we send them to StarClan, if they wish to hurt the world then we send them to our brand new TDF.

Another topic I would like to discuss is when you are in StarClan or TDF. While reading one of the books (I forgot which one) There are some cats in StarClan wandering around and they spot a cat, almost faded away like they practically don’t exist. The StarCan cat states that their timeline was from decades ago and now they are almost forgotten.
But what happens when they’re in StarClan for ages? Do they eventually disappear? Does their soul die?
That’s another problem. Any warrior is priceless, and to forget about them even though they may have served their clan well.
I think we’ll have to make more room in StarClan. As SkyClan’s ancestors can’t be reached from the other clans. They do not walk the same skies.
If we just, you know, create another sky then cats won’t forget them, a sky for this century where they are never invisible.
But I also don’t agree on how they are never able to see each other. There’s like a barrier where the four clans’ ancestors live and where SkyClans’ ancestors live. This time I will allow that “hole in the wall” because it is not technically a good and bad side; it’s just a good side.

Another thing that annoyed me was when Cinderpelt basically got revived. When she got her leg run over she became a medicine cat, but really wished she was a warrior. And on that day when she died at the badger attack StarClan felt willing enough to let her have another life. But what about all those other cats? Most of them lived at the max 5 minutes! I don’t see why Cinderpelt, who had a good life, got a second chance. When about a hundred kits died without even opening their eyes. I’d just say to fix this one, don’t let it happen again.

Well, that’s the article done. I don’t know whether I’ve missed anything out or not but that’s all I could think of. Thank you so much for reading and adios <3

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