[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]

Warrior Cat Apprentice Future Names by Honeyfrost

Honeyfrost gives warrior names to characters who never received one based on theme songs.

[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]
Art by Leftysmudgez
[a design of Swiftpaw sitting on a blended green background]

Hello all! I haven’t written an article in quite a while, and I wanted to get back into it! Love, Honey(frost)
So I wanted to start out by saying that there are a bunch of warrior cat apprentices and I want to give them warrior names, based on a song I choose for each of them based on their personality.

To begin, I think I can begin with apprentices that never got warrior names, and that we know somewhat something of what they were like.
We’re gonna begin with the famous (you guessed it!) Shrewpaw! So if you have read my fanfiction (Not gonna post it here because of reasons, but you can always check Fan Fiction!), I re-named him Shrewflight but of course, we’re not gonna do that here haha. So the theme song I chose, which I thought fit him well, is Sugar High by Scott Frenzel (I really suggest checking it out, it’s awesome!). Basically what it is about is going back through your summer childhood, and Shrewpaw was so energetic before he died, so I feel like his warrior name would have been Shrewlight or Shrewspring, as that can be used as energetic (Like Harespring was).

The next cat is the beautiful child Swiftpaw. My personal opinion because I just love him >3. Anywaaays, it is famous for others to name him Swiftclaw. I generally don’t think it would fit him if he had survived. So, based on the theme song I picked for him, which I think should be Eye Of The Tiger. The reasoning for this is that he always took everything seriously, especially when he thought enough was enough, and went after the dogs. So I feel like either Swiftsight, Swiftwind, or Swiftheart, maybe.

The next child is Sweetpaw, who I know we don’t really know much of, especially if you haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy. Some basic information that is a fact is that she was tortoiseshell (white base-pelt) with smaller ears. She was an apprentice when Pinestar was still leader, and was born to Poppydawn and Windflight. Her siblings are also Rosetail and Thistleclaw. The way she died was when Leopardfoot was giving birth to Tigerkit, Mistkit, and Nightkit (irrelevant), Sweetpaw, Bluefur, and Rosepaw shared a mouse. Bluefur recovers quickly, being the first time, while Sweetpaw and Rosepaw are still ill. Later, Rosepaw recovers quickly as well. Sweetpaw had just gotten sicker and sicker, and eventually, her mother Poppydawn, woke up to find her den in the apprentice den. I believe her theme song would be 7 years old by Lukas Graham. Her warrior name would either have been Sweetrose (maybe after her sister?), Sweetsong, or Sweetvine.

Last but definitely not least, is Duskpaw. Duskpaw was an apprentice in SkyClan (under Leafstar’s leadership) around the time Hawkwing was an apprentice. His parents are Cherrytail and Sharpclaw, and his siblings are Hawkwing, Cloudmist, and Blossomheart. How he died can get a bit confusing if you haven’t read Hawkwing’s Journey, but I’ll attempt to get this. Basically, he loved eating kittypet food, so one day he went to the Twoleg greenplace with Cloudpaw and Pebblepaw. A fire had ignited there, and Cloudpaw and Pebblepaw got out first, but Duskpaw was rescued last. He had been brought back to SkyClan but Echosong couldn’t save him, as he was too far gone from smoke inhalation.
Besides that, I feel like his song would be by Blixemi (the first one, surprisingly lol) called StarClan’s Light which is a Brightheart cover. I really recommend checking it out! It tells the story of how she felt no one had loved her because of her scar, but she felt a love of “StarClan’s Light”. I feel like his warrior name would be Duskfrost, Dusklight, or Duskflame.

Thank you to all who have read this article, let me know if you like it, and if I should make another one (maybe with kits?)!

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