[Mapleshade is shrouded in dark blue shadows with her eyes glowing orange]

Top 5 best Warrior Cat Villains (in my opinion) by Softfeather

Softfeather lists who they think were the top villains in the series.

[Mapleshade is shrouded in dark blue shadows with her eyes glowing orange]
Art by Eggpaw
[Mapleshade is shrouded in dark blue shadows with her eyes glowing orange]

5. Ashfur
Ashfur mainly became evil because his love interest, Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw as her mate instead of him. He grew mad and committed numerous crimes. I will not be saying much because idk.

4. Scourge
Scourge’s life started out as a kittypet. However, his siblings treated him terribly and he was mostly neglected by his parents. He ran off into the forest to find Tigerclaw(star) attack him and basically traumatize him. He then ended up finding himself in a strange twolegplace, and he found a dog’s tooth on the ground and put it on his collar. The rogues thought he had actually killed a dog, so they sent him to kill one himself. He surprisingly did and later became the leader of BloodClan.

3. Tigerstar
Tigerstar was lively and energetic as a kit, but it wouldn’t last long. His litter mates died and his father Pinestar abandoned him. When he was a warrior, he wanted nothing but leadership. He never became deputy until after Firestar arrived. When Firestar became leader however, he exiled Tigerstar. Tigerstar then went to ShadowClan to lead there. A short time after he teamed up with bloodclan, their leader Scourge killed him.

2. Brokenstar
Brokenstar was born in ShadowClan, with a not so happy life from the start. His littermates died at birth, and his adoptive mother treated him terribly. When he was eventually made leader, he was extremely abusive. He made kits get apprenticed way earlier than usual, he made elders have to hunt, and the list goes on for how many rules he broke in the warrior code.

1. Mapleshade
Not much is known about her early life, but her awful life started when she fell in love with a RiverClan warrior named Appledusk. They became mates and she eventually had kits. ThunderClan found out that the kits had RiverClan blood, so they exiled her for breaking the warrior code. She decided to join RiverClan with Appledusk along with her kits. Her kits tried to swim across the river, but failed and drowned. Mapleshade begged the leader to join RiverClan, but they declined. Appledusk didn’t even defend her. He was in fact with someone else. Mapleshade grew angry and committed many killings which led her to dark forest.

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