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A Review Of StarClan: Good or Bad? by Meadowkit

Meadowkit takes a look at StarClan.

[image description: the StarClan logo on a starry background]
Art by Falconstreaker
[image description: the StarClan logo on a starry background]

StarClan. The sixth clan. Some love it and some hate it. Hi, I’m Meadowkit and welcome to my first article! It will be all about StarClan and how I think of them. Now, onto the article!

So, we all know what StarClan is, but what do we think of it? I personally think that they are a meh, not the best clan ever. I just think that the clans rely on them to much. They praise them like gods,(Well they technically are.)but they do not make the best or most reasonable decisions. For example, Leafpool.( SPOILERS FOR TNP ) Leafpool, a medicine cat of ThunderClan, met a tom from WindClan, Crowfeather. They fell in love and later became mates, and planned to leave the clans together. But at the very last second, Leafpool decides against it and go’s back to ThunderClan leaving Crowfeather behind to go back to WindClan and face the consequences. ( SPOILERS FOR SQUIRRELFLIGHT’S HOPE!) Years later Leafpool is killed in a rockfall and is sent to StarClan. StarClan puts her on trial and is on the edge of almost sending her to the Dark Forest just for loving a cat from a different clan! They let Ashfur in with no doubt because he said he merely loved too much! That makes no sense! And with Juniperclaw! They sent him to the Dark Forest even though he clearly redeemed himself! Whoof, sorry for blowing my top there but it’s so annoying! StarClan makes no sense! But I guess there are some good things about them, right? Well one good thing about them is that they at least had the brain to send the actual bad cats to the Dark Forest, but another thing is that they fought against the Dark Forest with the clans. I thought that it was very sweet that it was the dead fighting alongside the living, conquering a great evil. But after that they kind of went back to their “ normal “ state. Confusing prophecies, being the oh so superior cats they totally are, and faked communications.

And now to wrap it all up, my thoughts of StarClan are… Ok. They’re not bad and they’re not good… Can you tell me your thoughts in the comments? Meadowkit, out!

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