Cadvent Day 7!

Welcome back everyone and happy Thursday – it’s almost the end of the week, and I woke up to some freshly fallen snow! Such a great start to the day 😀

First up, Goldenbrook has sent in a lovely photo of their dog, Peter

a photo of a brown dog yawning

Poor Peter, he looks so sleepy! Give him some good pets, he looks like he needs them. Thanks for sharing Goldenbrook, your dog is adorable!

Next up, Silverdusk posted a photo of their kitten, Timmy!

a silver tabby cat lies stretched out on a pink blanket

Timmy looks so comfortable – what a big stretch! I also would ask very politely if you could give Timmy some pets from me too, Silverdusk!

Next up for today, Stormcloud has sent in a photo of a cat with some hot cocoa

a brown and white tabby cat in a blue sweater holds a cup of hot cocoa

What a great way to keep warm and cozy during the winter. Maybe I’ll make some hot cocoa today…does that sound like a good idea? What are your guys’s favourite toppings to add when you make hot chocolate? Thanks for sharing Stormcloud, I love this picture!

And finally, we have another photo from Pandadrift 😀

a silver and white tabby cat sticks its head out of a Christmas tree

This cat looks so mesmerized by all the lights! I love this photo so much 😀 Thanks for sharing it with us!!

That’s all for today folks, I’ll see you tomorrow!



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