Cadvent Day 8

Hello everyone! Happy Friday 😀 anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? For everyone celebrating, how was the first night of Hanukkah?

We’ve got some great pictures today!

First up, Hazypaw has sent in this lovely photo of Sparky!

Sparky’s sitting so nice and polite under the tree! What do you think she wants for Christmas? :0 Thanks for sharing Hazypaw!!

Moonpaw has sent in 2 lovely photos of their cats, Astra and Luna (which are awesome names!) 😀

I love this picture! Astra looks so ready for Hanukkah 😀

Oh and look at Luna, waiting so patiently! Give both of them some good pets 😀 I hope they have a wonderful holiday season

Lastly, Flamespirit has sent in some art titled: “An App Army Snow War Day”

I love this drawing, there’s so much action happening! And that snow-cat looks so adorable 😀

Thanks everyone for sharing! Just a quick note, I know some people have had trouble uploading their photos – your file size may be too large, as I’ve been unable to upload the ones sent to me via discord here for that reason.