Official poster featuring the cast of Zombieland

Giving the Characters of Zombieland Warrior Names by Fawnsplash

Fawnsplash gives warrior names to characters from Zombieland.

Official poster featuring the cast of Zombieland
Official poster featuring the cast of Zombieland

Hi! It’s Fawnsplash, with my first ever article, in which I’m going to give the characters of Zombieland warrior names based on their looks and personality. Just a heads up, Zombieland is an awesome film but it is also rated 15, so keep that in mind if you want to check it out.

Ok, first up is Columbus! He’s a very nice, underdog style character, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, so I think a good prefix would be something gentle, like Lamb- or Meadow-. However, he was also very courageous when he saved his friends, so his suffix would probably be -heart to show his loyal nature. I really think that Meadowheart suits him perfectly.

Next up we have Wichita! She’s very cool and spunky, and can put up a very good fight. I think a great prefix for her would be Raven-, because of her intelligence and cunning, and for all the dark-coloured outfits she wears. As for her suffix, I think -spirit is a good fit, because it shows her lively and sometimes sarcastic personality. So she would be Ravenspirit, which is a super cool name!

Now for Little Rock. Her warrior name could just as well be Littlerock, but I’m going to try and be a little more creative. Her prefix would definitely be Pebble-, because a pebble is a little rock! As for her suffix, she is a sneaky and adorable child, so I think -pounce would best fit her extroverted nature. Pebblepounce it is then- I can just see her pouncing adorably on little pebbles!

And finally for my favourite character, Tallahassee! He has a really sad backstory, losing his son in the apocalypse, so I think the best prefix for him would be Broken-, Jagged-, Dead- or Lost-. I’ll go with Dead-, it feels fitting. However, he is also incredibly fearless and skilled, so I think a great suffix for him would be -storm, -thorn or -talon. He’s also quite solitary and difficult to get on with, so -gorse would also work. I like -gorse the best, so Deadgorse it is (quite a unique name)!

I hope you liked this, and have a great day! May StarClan light your path!

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