Cadvent Day 9

Hey everyone, welcome back! How have you all been doing? 😀

Stormflower has been very kind in sending this photo of their cat, Katniss, who they say is a “certified member of BlogClan” now!

Welcome to the blog, Katniss! 😀

Next up, Flamespirit has sent in a photo of Minnie with a Grinch hat!

Minnie looks so cozy there! What a sweet kitty <3 Thanks for sharing Flamespirit!

Next up, Aspenpaw has sent in a drawing of Snowystar on a Christmas tree!

I love the colours you chose for this drawing! I’m putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow with my family, and this has made me even more excited! Thanks for sending in this lovely art 😀

That’s all for today, folks! Thanks so much for tuning in 😀 See you tomorrow!!