[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

Why Tigerclaw/star Was So Battle Hungry by Honeybeam

Honeybeam highlights three reasons why the villainous Tigerstar turned out the way he did.

[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]
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[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

Hi, I’m Honeybeam with another article! In this article I’ll be explaining a few theories that could explain why Tigerstar 1 was so battle hungry. Spoilers for Pinestars choice, Bluestars prophecy and (possibly) Tigerclaws fury.

Theory 1: Family, when he is a very young kit his father leaves to become a kittypet. This would explain his hatred for kittypets. The last thing his father tells him before he leaves is “Be strong my little warrior” Which partially explains his want to learn new battle moves constantly. His sisters Mistkit and Nightkit die at a very early age so he doesn’t have any litter mates to compete with and protect. If his sisters lived he might have been more like a normal warrior, he may have still been ambitious but he might not have been willing to go to such lengths and he might have had more empathy to others. Also, since his sisters both perished at an early age, his mother Leopardbreeze, doted on him and encouraged his ambition.

Theory 2: Mentors, his mentor Thistleclaw was bloodthirsty and battle hungry. But Thistleclaws mentor Adderfang was also always calling for battle as shown in Bluestars Prophecy. So my theory is from mentor to apprentice each cat becomes more battle hungry. Also supporting this theory is the fact that in Pinestars choice, Harepounce, Adderfang’s mentor is shown to be eager to fight the kittypets who had been trespassing and talked about teaching them a lesson the wouldn’t forget. Sadly I can’t trace this theory any further back because Harepounces mentor is unknown.

Theory 3: Ambition explanation, his father Pinestar was the leader of Thunderclan before he left his clan to become a kittypet, which might help to explain his ambition to become a leader. Due to him wanting to be a better leader than his father was he wanted lead not only one clan but all of them.

This article was not a defence article, and although my theories might partially explain his actions but they don’t excuse them, he was, with no doubt from me, an evil character who hurt and killed many innocent cats. Thanks for reading!


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