Cadvent Day 10

Hey everyone!! Welcome back 😀 wow, day 10 already? Time is flying!! How has this December been for you guys? Have you done anything fun?

Beyond looking at this awesome pictures, that is!

First up, we have Foampaw, who has sent in a picture of Sushi, looking very cozy!

a tortoiseshell cat with green eyes sits in a Christmas themed carrier

Sushi is absolutely adorable! She looks so cozy and warm 😀 Please give her some good pets from all of us!

Next up, we have an awesome gif from Leafpaw!

a white cat peeks its head out from a green and red striped present box

This is so cool! I love the art style – the lights on that Christmas tree look so magical!! Thanks so much for sending this in 😀

Lastly for today, we have a picture from Breezeflame of Ellie the cat!

a grey cat with green eyes sits on a leather couch

This is such a dramatic picture…I wonder what Ellie is thinking! This is a really cool photo, thanks Breezeflame!!

Thanks everyone, please keep sending in photos! There is still plenty of time 😀

I’ll see you all tomorrow, friends!