[Dovewing surrounded by trails of mist]

Why Dovewing is Not Whiny by Briarpaw

Briarpaw takes a look Dovewing’s character traits.

[Dovewing surrounded by trails of mist]
Artwork by MapleSpyder
[Dovewing surrounded by trails of mist]

Hi! Briarpaw here, back with another article!
In this article, I’m going to be talking about how Dovewing is NOT whiny. Because she’s not.
I just finished reading Dovewing’s Silence at the time of writing this, and I wasn’t annoyed with her at ANY part of this book.
I will also be talking about how messed up some of the Warriors in ThunderClan are, and how good Dovewing was at defending the Dark Forest cats.
So, Dovewing is not whiny. People often say that she is and hardly even back it up. They say that she whine, whine, whined the entirety of her book, when honestly, she did not. How would YOU feel if you had enhanced hearing and sight, and then: BAM! It’s been taken away randomly one day. Would you be upset? I know I would! I can completely understand Dovewing’s frustrations here! And she bit her tongue and didn’t whine to anyone else(which she probably SHOULD have talked to someone about it), only keeping it in her head. That makes her even LESS whiny! Dovewing also felt like she couldn’t serve her Clan anymore, as all her skills and life had been focused on her powers up until that point, so yeah, it would be upsetting. And yes, she did learn to cope and she ended up living a very happy life without powers, maybe even happier than when she did have them, but still! People shouldn’t call her whiny for it!
Now, I’m moving into some of her very good traits. The cats who trained in the Dark Forest took an oath that said they would apologize, but hardly anyone in ThunderClan still liked them, shunning them away. Dovewing was willing to argue with anyone, and was FURIOUS when Molepaw and Cherrypaw set up the former Dark Forest trainees to fight with a fox. I am sure she would defend all of them, not just Ivypool and Birchfall, until her last breath.
People also say that she’s whiny because she went and joined ShadowClan. Uhh, how does that make her whiny? Also, didn’t Graystripe go and join RiverClan? And yes, he joined ThunderClan afterwards, but he did leave, and nobody complains about him. And Bristlefrost wanted to move, and Fringewhisker moved, and Sunbeam is apparently moving, and I didn’t see anyone complain about them being whiny. Sooooo… people’s arguments REALLY aren’t working against Dovewing.
Anyway, that’s all I have to say, and thank you for reading this rant!
How do you feel about the whole Dovewing situation?
Answer in the comments!
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