[in a painted artstyle, Crookedstar stands on one of the Stepping Stones with his tail raised]

Why Crookedstar Deserved Better by Morningbrook

Morningbrook shares their thoughts on Crookedstar.

[in a painted artstyle, Crookedstar stands on one of the Stepping Stones with his tail raised]
Artist unknown
[in a painted artstyle, Crookedstar stands on one of the Stepping Stones with his tail raised]

Hi everyone, it’s Morningbrook. Today I wanted to discuss how Crookedstar deserved better.
I think that Crookedstar deserved much better than what he got. Rainflower is the worst mother in Warrior Cats for rejecting him and all of that other stuff. She blames him for breaking his jaw, which is certainly not fair, and she says that he’ll never be as good as Oakheart directly to his face. She is a bad mother when his terrible injury is bad enough. Crookedstar isn’t one of my favorite characters but still I believe he should get better than he did. So, these are the things that I think Crookedstar deserves instead of what he got:

Stormkit was such an eager and loyal kit, and it was definitely not his fault for twisting his jaw. Rainflower acts like looks are everything (“it’s your fault you won’t be my handsome little warrior anymore”) but it matters much more that he is confident, determined, and loyal. Also Rainflower outright rejects him even when he’s just a helpless kit, even though she should be helping him through his injury. At least Shellheart realizes that his mate is being heartless. He’s not bad, like her. Crookedstar deserves to have a loving, caring mother.
Rainflower also was the one to insist to Hailstar that he bears a cruel name like Crookedkit. It’s just not fair, being named after his injury. I say it’s as bad as Brightpaw being renamed Lostface. ThunderClan was angry about Lostface but RiverClan wasn’t about Crookedkit. I wish he had more support during that ceremony; that’s another thing he deserved.
If I were Hailstar, I would have denied Rainflower’s idea and told her off for trying to give her already-suffering kit such a bad name. Then I would name Crookedstar Stormspirit instead of Crookedjaw.
Stormspirit is the best name for him in my opinion. If I wrote Crookedstar’s Promise, it would be Stormstar’s Promise and I would make Hailstar say at his warrior ceremony:
“This cat before you has proven himself over and over again to defend his Clan, despite his injury. It may have twisted his jaw, but it will never destroy his strong spirit. Therefore, in the eyes of StarClan, I name you Stormspirit.”
Or something like that. Stormheart would also be a good name, especially since his father’s name is Shellheart, but I think Stormspirit sounds better, and also because “heart” is a generic suffix.
I would say he deserves better from Mapleshade, but she is cruel to him and that is key to the story. Also he gets over it, so it’s not too bad.
Oh, and also, I almost forgot. He should have been apprenticed along with Oakheart instead of much later. It’s not like he’s a bad apprentice just because he broke his jaw. It isn’t fair that he had to sit in the nursery he was much too old for when his brother, who was exactly the same age as him, was going off to the Gathering and meeting the other Clans. At least Oakheart was really nice about it.
One thing he got that he did deserve:
A loving father, brother, mate, kit, and Clan. His mother should have been much better to him, but his other family helped him through it. I am grateful for that, and I’m sure Crookedstar was too.
And one more thing:
Do you think Crookedstar will have his twisted jaw in StarClan? I mean, it’s not painful or anything, it isn’t difficult for him to hunt and eat anymore, and also it’s a defining trait. But on the other paw I was just assuming that injuries of any sort would get cured in StarClan, because StarClan. What do you think? Comment your answer.

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