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A trend with ThunderClan Leaders by CloudPaw

CloudPaw highlights a potential trend for ThunderClan leaders.

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So Um, this concept was a bit too hard to pass, so yeah.
Hi, I’m CloudPaw (CloudSong) and um, today we will talk ThunderClan!
So um yeah, regardless if you do end up reading this, and regardless if IvyPool’s Heart is out by the time you read this (probably not though) I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1 – Into the books

In The Prophecies Begin, we are introduced to Rusty. Rusty, as we all probably know, goes into the wild, and becomes FirePaw, and then the next book, FireHeart. (guess the Erin Hunters were a little more impatient back then) Ok, Blah blah blah, why is this important here? Simple answer: It’s not. Well, at least not until The Darkest Hour. This is where we meet Scourge, Who TigerStar 1 “convinces” to help him. Well, spoilers if you didn’t read it but : FireStar kills Scourge. Why is this important? we’ll get to that in a bit. Our next stop for now is The New Prophecies!

Part 2 – Fire Bramble and Ice Hawk

Alr, on to The New Prophecies. (which I didn’t read all the way, but I did read Midnight and Sunrise, does that count?) Here, we have been switched to BramblePaw’s Pov, and LeafPaw’s Pov! We are just going to focus on Bramble’s Pov for this article. Again, It’s not all important for this article UNTIL the last book. or was it the fifth? I forgot. ANYWAYS, The point is HawkFrost has captured FireStar. Oh No! What a total bummer! *rolls eyes* Anyways, guess what happens? Oh, um, I don’t want to be like you so, Oops! I slipped! I got a stick impaled in your throat! my bad! (I’m being sarcastic, it was more “I hate you now, eat this stick!” “Hey! oof! I can’t breath!”) So, yeah. why is this important – Uh hum, let me explain!

Part 3 – Forest of Facts

Scourge is FireStar’s Half-brother, because in, “The Rise of Scourge,” We learn that Scourge’s father is Jake. How do we know? His mother says, “It is strange that none of you inherited your father’s Jake pelt,” (not exact words) We know that FireStar’s father is Jake, because, He has Jake’s ginger fur, and also – because. HawkFrost is BrambleStar’s Half-Brother, and how we know, is because – well – the books literally told us in our face :/ . So how does this matter?

Part 4 – Rising Answer

They both become leaders, right? Plus, they’re both ThunderClan! which means… from the minute BlueStar died, It was basically made so that every new ThunderClan leader will kill a naughty Half-Sibling now- or at least we’ll assume so.

Part 5 – The Dangerous Theory

With all, we’re made to wonder: Will this really apply to EVERY new ThunderClan leader. Well.. who will know until the Erins, or if they do, make Arc 50? So, we’re just left with our imagination. So, Let’s wonder – Will SquirrelStar have a naughty Half-Sibling she’ll have to defeat? Likely not, thankfully, but that’s a boring reply, besides, it wouldn’t go with our theory. So, let’s think; If she did, the Erins could execute it in three ways
A. Take FireStar or LeafPool, make him/her evil, force poor little Squirrel to kill him or her. maybe even SandStorm!
B. FireStar secretly mated with somebody else, and that somebody else’s kit is evil, and Squirrel needs to defeat them (Why do I feel like if this happened the kit would be named Marigold or Rosemary XD)
C. Socks and Ruby survive, One of them mates, gets at least one kit, Said Kit is taught to hate BloodClan. Kit learns about the Clans, thinks they are all like BloodClan, That Kit goes to the Lake Territory, And Squirrel has to defeat them.
Wow, don’t they all sound just pleasant?

Part 6 – The Darkest Conclusion
So, Whether I am right or wrong, whether the Erins get her a Half-Sibling that is evil, whatever, I hoped you enjoyed reading. yeah, bye.

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