Cadvent Day 13

Hello everyone! Apologies for the gap yesterday, some personal things came up and I was unable to get the Cadvent done for the 12th -> I hope you all can forgive me when you see how awesome the pictures I have lined up for today are!

First up, Flakepatch/Hatchet sent in a picture of their dog, Finn!

Finn is such a good boy, look at him! He’s sitting so nicely under the tree 😀 Give him some good pets from us, okay?

Next up, Hollypaw has sent in a photo on behalf of someone named @catsandwof on Pixilart (with permission) – it’s of their kitten, Sol!

Aww, Sol is soo cute!! I hope Sol has the best holiday season ever <33

Lastly, Sunheart has sent in a photo of their cat, Purrfect! Which is an absolutely purrfect name for a cat 😉

And she does look purrfect! What a good cat!! Thanks so much for sharing 😀

Thank you everyone who’s been sending in photos for Cadvent, please keep them coming! All your pets are adorable and it’s great to have an event where the whole community can participate 😀 I will see you tomorrow friends!!



  • ❄️Sunheart❄️Heart of Shining Sun❄️Sunny❄️I love December!❄️🎄Sunny is Feeling Merry!🎄❄️ says:

    So happy that my beautiful furry child has a chance to ✨SHINE✨

  • Solarpaw/flare |❄️Flare of Solar Light on Winter Breeze❄️| S/H |🎄Awesome Frogstorm's apprentice!🎄|☃️"Merry Mathmas!"☃️| Running for SW! says:

    They’re so cute! Sol’s an awesome name, our blog celeb Sol the chinchilla can agree 😛